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“False Alarm: Birmingham City Centre Evacuation Resolved as Police Declare Package Sent to a Business Non-Suspicious”

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In a brief period of panic and disruption, thousands of people were evacuated from buildings in Birmingham city centre earlier today following the discovery of a suspicious package. However, authorities have now confirmed that the package in question is not suspicious, leading to the lifting of all cordons.

The incident unfolded near Chamberlain Square, causing a significant commotion as workers poured out of offices, leading to traffic chaos and the closure of roads surrounding Paradise Circus. The scale of the evacuation was extensive, with notable landmarks such as the Library of Birmingham, the Repertory Theatre, and various offices along the corner of Paradise Forum affected.

West Midlands Police promptly responded to the situation, emphasizing the need for public safety. A police statement released earlier indicated that emergency services were addressing the situation at a business premises in Chamberlain Square. The building was evacuated, and road closures were put in place until the arrival of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team to examine the package.

Thankfully, after thorough investigation, the police confirmed that the package was not suspicious, leading to the lifting of all cordons. Expressing their gratitude for the public’s patience, West Midlands Police stated, “The package has been checked and is not suspicious. All cordons have now been lifted. Thank you for your patience.”

Eyewitness accounts shed light on the impact the incident had on individuals caught up in the evacuation. BirminghamLive reporter Kate Knowles, traveling on a bus from Bearwood, was instructed to disembark at Five Ways on Hagley Road, just outside the city centre. The bus driver informed passengers that no buses would be allowed into town due to the ongoing police incident.

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Another individual, Carl Barton, was asked to leave his workplace following a tannoy announcement. Recounting the experience, Barton said, “We were told to leave at 10.30am. They didn’t say why, just to get out. We are waiting on the steps outside the Rep Theatre.”

A concerned worker from PWC at One Chamberlain Square shared their confusion, stating, “I was in the middle of work, and the alarm went off and an announcement said ‘we may have to evacuate.’ We were confused, and then after five minutes, someone told us to leave. We have been outside for 45 minutes. We are concerned; we don’t know what’s going on.”

The situation caused significant disruption to traffic flow in the area, but the Inrix traffic management system reported that normalcy was restored as of approximately 12:30 pm. All restrictions, including those around Paradise Circus, Great Charles Street, and Margaret Street, were lifted following the conclusion of the police incident.

Although the incident was determined to be a false alarm, it serves as a reminder of the importance of public safety and the responsiveness of emergency services in dealing with potential threats.

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