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I Deeply Regret My Action: Birmingham Woman Pretending to Be Man Deceived 19yrs old Girl Online As Boyfriend Confessed to Court

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In court, it was revealed that a woman is accused of pretending to be a man from Birmingham and s*xually assaulting a teenage girl. The woman, Georgia Bilham, admitted to using the name George Parry online and wearing a hood to hide her identity. She explained that she was “paranoid” because she had connections to Albanian gang members.

The girl confronted Bilham after finding out her real identity in August 2021. Bilham sent a message apologizing and saying that she never intended for things to go this far. She expressed regret and mentioned that she hated herself for what she had done. She also admitted that her actions took over her life and described them as a big mistake.

Bilham is facing charges for 17 s*xual offenses for deceiving a 19-year-old woman by pretending to be a man. The victim’s mother testified that her daughter had told her about a person named George who had social anxiety and always wore a hood. The mother thought her daughter seemed happy in the relationship.

The truth came out when there was a car accident in May 2021. The victim overheard Bilham giving her details to the police and realized that she was actually a woman. The victim felt shocked and sick after discovering the deception.

The police officer testified that the victim believed she was talking to a man online and had no intention of continuing the relationship after the accident. However, Bilham claimed to have used a fake license to keep in touch with the victim. She even showed a screenshot of messages with someone claiming to be part of an Albanian gang, but it was later revealed that Bilham was picked up by her father, not the gang member.

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The victim’s mother initially had doubts about the truthfulness of George’s identity. However, Bilham showed her messages and made claims about getting a passport, which made the mother believe it was true. Although the mother only met “George” once, she knew he had been at their house because the toilet seat was left up.

Bilham, who lives in Cheshire, denies nine charges of sexual assault and eight charges of assault by penetration.

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