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Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are ‘As False As They Come- Rebecca Jane

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Former “This Morning” co-host Rebecca Jane has raised concerns about Holly Willoughby’s decision to return to the show. Jane, who worked alongside Willoughby for almost a decade, shared her thoughts on Willoughby’s character and motivations.

Jane stated that working with Willoughby and Philip Schofield was challenging because she believed they were not genuine and had big egos. She also questioned the authenticity of Willoughby’s prepared speech, suggesting that someone else may have written it for her, possibly a PR person.

Expressing her disapproval, Jane believed that Willoughby should not be coming back to the show, as she considered her to be an indecent person. Jane also criticized Willoughby for having a big ego and refusing to step down despite the ongoing controversy.

While Jane’s opinions about Willoughby are likely to spark discussions, supporters argue that Willoughby has not been linked to the claims of a toxic work environment on “This Morning.” They point out that no negative stories or allegations have emerged about Willoughby, and her professionalism and popularity speak for themselves.

The different views on Willoughby’s return and the allegations surrounding her knowledge of Philip Schofield’s affair continue to generate interest and debate. As audiences await Willoughby’s upcoming statement, the controversy surrounding “This Morning” remains a subject of intense scrutiny and conversation.

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