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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry marriage Received a critical Evaluation: “I wouldn’t give it too long!”- David Hamilton

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In a recent gbnew tv interview , Rebecca Jane and Benjamin Lock, renowned commentators on celebrity affairs, unleashed their unfiltered opinions on the challenges faced by Harry and Meghan during their tumultuous journey in the public eye. Both commentators exhibited a distinct lack of sympathy and a no-nonsense approach to the couple’s struggles.

Rebecca Jane’s reaction to the couple’s difficulties was nothing short of indifference. “I couldn’t care less,” she bluntly stated. According to her, the couple’s decision to stay out of the public eye was not by choice but rather due to their continuous failure and the relentless hate they receive. In a direct message to the couple, Jane suggested they retreat to their luxurious mansion and leave the public alone. She expressed hope that their popularity in America would diminish, as she finds it disturbing that they continue to receive support across the pond.

Benjamin Lock mirrored Jane’s sentiments, describing Harry and Meghan as “spoiled brats.” He echoed her lack of interest in the couple and urged the media and the public to starve them of attention. In his view, ignoring their attention-seeking behavior would eventually lead them to cease their tantrums and act more responsibly. Lock dismissed the couple’s struggles with their second album and their diminishing material, pointing out their inconsistency and detachment from the truth.

The conversation shifted to the potential ramifications of Harry’s controversial statements and actions on his visa status in the United States. Lock pondered whether Harry could face the revocation of his visa, citing the serious intent of organizations such as the Heritage Foundation to expel him. He argued that, considering Harry’s high-profile nature and his admission of breaking the law and subsequently lying on his visa application, it would be justifiable for the authorities to take action and enforce the law impartially.

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The topic of the couple’s future together emerged, with doubts cast on the longevity of their marriage. David Hamilton, another participant in the discussion, expressed surprise that they were still together and speculated on rumors of Harry staying in hotels. Hamilton questioned the sustainability of their relationship, hinting that it may not endure much longer. However, opinions were divided, and Rebecca Jane believed that the couple would continue to weather the storm, choosing to live a double life rather than face the truth.

As the conversation drew to a close, Benjamin Lock predicted that the couple would persist in their attacks on the royal family. He dismissed the notion that they would retreat behind the camera, emphasizing their inherent nature as attention-seekers. Lock also suggested that Meghan would further her acting career, while Harry might not fare as well.

While Rebecca Jane and Benjamin Lock’s unapologetic remarks showcased their lack of interest in the couple’s struggles, the ongoing speculation surrounding Harry and Meghan’s future and the repercussions of their actions continues to capture the attention of a curious audience. As the saga unfolds, time will tell if the couple can navigate the challenges and redefine their place in the public eye.

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