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I Was Wrongly Imprisoned For Murdering a Woman After Exhausting The Compensation I Got From The Case, I’m Now Homeless- Colin’s

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Innocent man who was wrongly imprisoned for the murder of a young mother has shared that he is currently residing in a homeless shelter after exhausting his £706,000 compensation. Colin Stagg, who was falsely accused of killing Rachel Nickell, a former model, faced the tragic incident where she was fatally stabbed in front of her two-year-old son while walking her dog on Wimbledon Common in July 1992.

Despite Colin’s innocence, he spent 13 months in custody awaiting trial after being coerced into a false confession by a female police officer. In 2008, Colin received compensation when serial killer Robert Napper admitted to the murder of Rachel. The Home Office provided the payout with the intention to assist him in rebuilding his life, considering he was a victim of a deceptive operation by the Metropolitan Police.

However, Colin has now depleted all the funds. He described it as akin to winning the lottery and indulged in lavish gifts, cars, and vacations, prioritizing living in the present moment. Sadly, Colin’s spending spree led to the depletion of his compensation, and he currently finds himself residing in a homeless shelter after his girlfriend evicted him in April.

Speaking to The Mirror, he expressed his dismay at finding himself homeless at his age, longing for a peaceful life. He never aspired to grand ambitions but certainly didn’t anticipate spending his 60th birthday in a homeless hostel. Reflecting on his spending, he admitted not considering the future and thought the funds would sustain him for a decade or even two. Cost was of no concern to him, as he purchased whatever he desired, driven by his love for his girlfriend, Terri, whom he wanted to spoil.

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Colin’s former partner, Terri Marchant, had been in a relationship with him for 17 years before ending it abruptly in April. He had been her caregiver at her residence in Farnborough for the past year. Colin described the breakup as a significant shock, as he believed everything was fine between them. Recounting the moment, he revealed that Terri expressed her exhaustion with him, to which he retorted with his own fatigue of her presence. Taking a walk to clear his mind, he realized he had nowhere to go and faced the prospect of homelessness.

For the past seven weeks, Colin has been staying at a homeless shelter in Aldershot. He mentioned that while the room is small, it provides cleanliness and safety. Drawing upon his resilience from enduring a year in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, he believes he can withstand this challenging situation, emphasizing that it won’t break him.

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