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He Is Being Manipulative: “Phillip Schofield’s Pictures with Mother Spark Debate as People Question Motives”

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In the latest news about Phillip Schofield, people have accused him of using his elderly mom for publicity. New pictures of them together have caused some controversy. Phillip had to leave his job at ITV after admitting to having a relationship with a younger coworker. He has also given interviews to The Sun and the BBC, talking about the difficult aftermath of his actions.

Recently, pictures were published showing Phillip and his 87-year-old mom sitting on a bench near the ocean in Newquay, Cornwall. The photos were taken two weeks ago, after Phillip received a call from his manager saying he was no longer going to be on This Morning. In the pictures, Phillip is seen hugging his mom tightly while delivering the news about losing his job. However, some people on Twitter thought the pictures looked staged and accused Phillip of using his mom for sympathy.

People were upset, calling the situation cringeworthy and manipulative. They believed that Phillip was sinking to new lows by involving his mom in his public image. Some said he was trying to cover up lies and accused him of being an attention-seeker. Phillip’s representatives denied the claims that the pictures were planned and stated that he often visits his mom in Cornwall.

In an interview, Phillip explained that he went to Cornwall to support his mom during his brother’s sentencing. It has always been a family tradition to buy fish and chips and enjoy them while sitting on the headland.

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