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“They’re Addicted to Being In The News” Kevin O’Sullivan Responds to Harry and Meghan’s “Stepping Back” Claim

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly made the decision to halt their involvement in Netflix documentaries, publishing memoirs, and interviews that shed light on the inner workings of the Royal Family. According to an inside source, the couple believes there is “nothing left to say,” leading them to step away from the media frenzy surrounding their royal connections.

Joining TalkTV’s Kevin O’Sullivan and Rosie Wright, royal commentator Duncan Larcombe delves into the reports, discussing the implications of the Sussexes’ apparent retreat from the limelight. O’Sullivan questions whether this move is merely an attention-grabbing tactic, suggesting that Harry and Meghan have become addicted to being in the news.

The decision comes as a surprise to many, as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been at the center of numerous media controversies and revelations since their departure from the Royal Family. Their candid interviews and Netflix collaborations have provided glimpses into the challenges they faced within the institution. However, this recent development indicates a potential shift in their approach.

While some may view this as a strategic move to regain control over their privacy and personal lives, others speculate that the couple might be experiencing fatigue from the constant scrutiny and media attention. The decision aligns with their previous assertions about prioritizing their mental health and the well-being of their young family.

As the public eagerly awaits further information from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle themselves, it remains to be seen what their next steps will be. Will they completely retreat from public life, or will they explore alternative avenues to make meaningful contributions and engage with society? Only time will reveal the true motivations behind their decision.

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In the meantime, the media landscape eagerly awaits the response from other members of the Royal Family and public figures, who may share their thoughts on the Sussexes’ reported withdrawal from the media circus.

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