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Exclusive: ITV Star Phillip Schofield Says “I’m Not A Groomer” And Apologises to Holly Willoughby (Video)

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Phillip Schofield recently spoke out about his feelings of being completely shattered and filled with shame due to his involvement in a relationship with a younger male colleague. He insists that he did not groom the individual, despite the allegations made against him. Although he acknowledged that the relationship was not a wise decision, he made it clear that it did not break any laws.

After stepping down from his position at ITV and being let go by his talent agency, YMU, Schofield granted an interview, marking his first public appearance since leaving the show This Morning. During the interview, the 61-year-old presenter firmly denied any intention of grooming his colleague. He stated that their bond had initially formed through friendship, and he never saw their connection in a negative or manipulative light. While he understands that people might pass judgment, he emphasized that he has never engaged in such behavior in any other aspect of his life.

Schofield expressed deep remorse and offered a heartfelt apology to his former partner, acknowledging the immense suffering he had caused him. He recognized that he should have known better and expressed profound regret for his actions. Schofield admitted that he would forever be burdened by this remorse and felt genuine mortification over what had transpired.

It was revealed that Schofield had first met the individual when they were both much younger, with the colleague being just 15 years old at the time. However, the romantic relationship did not begin until a later stage, after the colleague had started working alongside Schofield at ITV.

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