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Birmingham Drugs Dealers Found Guilty: Danyal Aziz, Michael Earp, and Nicole

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Birmingham Drugs Dealers Found Guilty: Danyal Aziz, Michael Earp, and Nicole

A gang based in Birmingham was involved in selling cocaine and heroin on the streets. Shockingly, they kept ammunition for a sub-machine gun in a child’s bedroom. The gang members, Danyal Aziz (26), Michael Earp (29), and Nicole Rhone, used a secret messaging service to brag about their wealth while organizing the import and sale of dangerous drugs.

Despite their attempts to go unnoticed by the authorities, the gang was identified by officers following an operation targeting encrypted networks. The police discovered their usernames on a messaging platform called Encrochat and retrieved conversations that revealed their involvement in the drug trade and possession of weapons. Aziz, using the name “Lushmace,” even discussed having a gun and bullets, and suggested using them against customers who owed him money.

The police found photographs of bullets that matched a sub-machine gun in Aziz’s possession. They also found messages where he boasted about drugs and the money he was making. Aziz was the leader of the gang and directed Earp, also known as “Kneetown,” on various tasks. He instructed Earp on where to deliver drug money and demanded regular updates on their drug supply.

The arrests of the gang members took place between May and July 2020. During the operation, a sub-machine gun, along with pistols and ammunition, was found at Rhone’s house. Additionally, more ammunition was discovered in a child’s bedroom, hidden in a wardrobe.

After a five-week trial, the group was found guilty of drug and firearms offenses at Birmingham Crown Court on June 1. The National Crime Agency (NCA) emphasized that this gang posed a significant risk to the public, as they were involved in the illegal drug trade and possessed dangerous weapons. The NCA is committed to protecting communities from such criminal activities.

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The evidence presented during the trial showed that the gang operated with a disregard for the law, using firearms and ammunition as everyday tools to intimidate and control others. The use of encrypted phones played a crucial role in uncovering their activities and bringing them to justice.

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