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Asylum seekers protest, refused to stay in a hotel in Central London because it is ‘like a jail’

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The government is facing criticism for spending an enormous amount of money on hotels every day. This spending is seen as careless and neglectful. It’s estimated that they spend nearly six million pounds each day, or even more, on hotel stays. One incident in central London has drawn a lot of attention and added to the controversy.

The situation involves a group of people asylum seekers who were moved from a hotel in Essex to a new hotel in London. Now, they have to share a small room with four people, with two sets of bunk beds. but they unhappy with the conditions, complaining about bad smells and slow Wi-Fi while barricading hotel in protes.

This issue has put the Home Office in a difficult position. They have three choices to make. First, they could find better accommodation for these people, but that would cost more money. However, many people in the public might not agree with that choice because there are already many homeless people in the country who need help. The second choice is to try and convince the migrants to go back to their previous hotel, but it’s not clear if that would work. The third choice is to ignore their complaints and let them live on the streets, which is not a good solution either.

People have strong feelings about this topic, with personal connections and historical events shaping their opinions. One person shares that their family members were refugees themselves and they have empathy for those fleeing dangerous situations. They believe that most of these people are genuine refugees and deserve better treatment.

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Another person questions the motives of those seeking refuge, wondering why they would leave their families behind and then complain about their living conditions. They believe that safety should be the priority, not the quality of hotel rooms.

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