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Police warned that if you change your electric bike in a way that makes it faster or dangerous, they will take it away from you

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Birmingham City Centre Police took to the streets to raise awareness about the proper use of electric bikes and E-scooters in the area. Officers were seen engaging with the public, informing them about the regulations and potential consequences of non-compliance.

Electric Bikes and E-Scooters have gained popularity in recent years due to their eco-friendly nature and convenience, but improper usage can lead to serious safety concerns and legal issues. Police emphasized that individuals must adhere to the rules to ensure everyone’s safety on the roads.

Seizure of Modified Bikes: West Midlands Police (WMP) issued a stern warning that any electric bike found to be modified will face seizure. Modifying electric bikes can result in increased speeds or other unsafe alterations, which pose a risk to riders and others sharing the road.

Illegality of E-Scooters: Authorities made it clear that riding E-scooters on public roads is currently illegal. However, there’s an exception; they are allowed only on private land or wasteland. This restriction aims to maintain order and minimize potential accidents or disruptions in busy areas.

Safety First: The Birmingham City Centre Police emphasized that safety should always be the top priority for those using electric bikes and E-scooters. They encouraged riders to wear helmets and follow traffic rules to reduce the risk of accidents.

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