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We Don’t want Prince Harry back in the UK, He His a liar and Complainer”-Patrick Christys (Video)

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In a passionate plea to President Joe Biden, concerned citizens are urging the United States administration not to deport Prince Harry back to the UK. The plea comes amidst an ongoing court case surrounding allegations that Harry may have provided false information regarding his past drug use on his visa application.

The issue of drug use as a basis for visa denial has sparked a heated debate, with supporters and critics weighing in on the potential ramifications for Harry’s immigration status. In a recently published book, the Prince openly admitted to past use of substances such as cocaine, cannabis, and mushrooms, raising questions about the veracity of his visa application.

Patrick Christys alleges that Prince Harry and his actions have betrayed not only his own family but also the British monarchy and the nation as a whole. They accuse him of harboring disdain for his home country and taking advantage of taxpayer-funded privileges throughout his life. Expressing their frustration, some even suggest that if the US decides to deport him, Harry should be rendered stateless, with his British passport revoked.

The plea to President Biden extends beyond Prince Harry alone, as it highlights concerns regarding his wife, Meghan Markle. Critics argue that Markle, who is seen as a divisive figure, was “created” by the United States and holds a responsibility for the consequences that have befallen the British monarchy and society. The appeal urges the US administration to consider the potential ramifications of allowing the couple to return to the UK.

Voices of dissent stress that the UK does not desire the return of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, whom they accuse of pontificating from their luxurious Chelsea Mansion and using their platform to advocate for causes such as climate change while enjoying the comforts of a private jet at Biggin Hill airport.

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The urgent appeal to President Biden aims to influence the decision-making process, underscoring the emotional toll Prince Harry’s alleged actions have had on the British public. Citizens implore the US administration to refrain from deporting Prince Harry, arguing that such a move would exacerbate already strained relations and cause further damage to the monarchy’s reputation.

As the court case unfolds and the fate of Prince Harry’s immigration status hangs in the balance, the world watches with bated breath, anticipating the outcome and its potential implications for the complex relationship between the UK and the United States.

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