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They are not asylum seekers, they are asylum Shoppers: Asylum seekers who refuse accommodation should be Deported says Patrick Christ (Video)

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In a recent interview, broadcaster Patrick Christys has stirred up a heated discussion by expressing his views on asylum seekers who decline offered accommodation, labeling them as “asylum shoppers” rather than genuine asylum seekers. His statements have ignited a debate on the appropriate response to individuals seeking refuge in a new country.

Christys, known for his outspoken nature, argues that asylum seekers who refuse accommodation demonstrate a lack of genuine need for protection. “They are not asylum seekers, in my view they are asylum shoppers.

in his Words:

“So, people who refuse to live in taxpayer-funded perfectly legal, perfectly serviceable hotels should be given some choices. We’ll fly you straight home, okay? We’ll take you to Rwanda, or you can video your mates on the other side of the channel and tell them not to bother because it’s clearly awful here.

We have a situation at the moment where Asylum Seekers are kicking off big time because they don’t want to live in a kind of accommodation that homeless military veterans would absolutely love to be housed in. Wi-Fi, food, bed, board, and a little bit of an allowance. Take a look at this hotel. This hotel is not good. Really, you have too much room. It’s very small. The bathroom is too small.

Yeah, too much. I’m so sorry about that. That’s really shocking. That the bathroom is too small. But you have Wi-Fi, yeah? Yeah, you have Wi-Fi. So, you get eight pounds a week plus food, plus accommodation.

You get free Wi-Fi, but the Wi-Fi’s a bit slow. I’m sorry about that. We’ll try and see if we could help. Yes, well, there we go. Okay, I mean, the reality is that the European Union is treating Asylum Seekers worse than we are, and these people, in many cases, have traveled across two continents, and they clearly have not been happy with the treatment anywhere they’ve gone. They are not Asylum seekers in my view. They’re Asylum shoppers.”

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