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Schofield Has Ruined The Show: Holly Willoughby is an ‘IMPY little woman! | Kim Woodburn slams This Morning host and Schofield

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In a shocking turn of events, ITV is currently grappling with the aftermath of Phillip Schofield’s affair with a teenage colleague. The fallout from this scandal has sparked a fierce debate on the toxic work culture at the station, as revealed in an explosive Instagram post by a renowned TV doctor.

Yesterday, the TV doctor took to Instagram, expressing their dismay over the situation and condemning the station’s work environment. They emphasized that while they were unaware of the truth about Phillip’s actions, they firmly believe that the issues surrounding “This Morning” extend far beyond a single individual. The doctor revealed that they had even raised their concerns directly with ITV’s top management.

Following this bombshell statement, questions arise as to whether “This Morning” should face consequences. The public is invited to share their thoughts by emailing Dan at or participating in a poll on GB News’ Twitter page. The poll results will be announced shortly. To shed light on the matter and assist in forming opinions, notable figures in the entertainment industry have been brought in for discussion.

Among the panel members are a TV personality with a long-standing rivalry with Phillip Schofield, Kim Woodburn, the legendary Coronation Street actor Charlie Lawson, and Rebecca Jane, Deputy UKIP leader. Rebecca, who has appeared as a guest on “This Morning” multiple times, shares her belief that the show had a toxic atmosphere. She asserts that a thorough independent investigation is warranted, as numerous individuals’ livelihoods are now at stake.

In contrast, Charlie Lawson argues that “This Morning” should not be blamed for the actions of one person. He suggests that the show will continue to exist, albeit with limited options for airing repeats of classic content. Charlie goes on to explain that the television industry has a history of covering up various issues to protect its successful programs, recalling his own experiences when he joined Coronation Street.

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Kim Woodburn, known for her intense criticism of Phillip Schofield, expresses mixed emotions regarding the show’s future. While acknowledging the value of a morning program that provides entertainment to families, she believes that “This Morning” has been tainted by recent events and advocates for a fresh start with different hosts.

The discussion also touches upon Holly Willoughby’s desire to return and launch a new show. Kim expresses skepticism, suggesting that Holly sees this as an opportunity to take charge and secure a higher salary. However, Rebecca defends Holly, stating that she had confronted Phillip Schofield about the affair and believed his denial. The debate continues with arguments concerning accountability at ITV and the channel’s alleged disconnection from its working-class roots.

As the controversy unfolds, Eamonn Holmes, another prominent figure associated with “This Morning,” is set to reveal further insights in an upcoming bombshell interview. Viewers are urged not to miss this crucial segment. The clash panel’s perspectives have shed light on the complexity of the situation, leaving the audience to form their own opinions about the future of “This Morning.”

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