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‘She’s absolutely separating from him’ | Harry is being abandoned by Meghan Markle Says Angela Levin (Video)

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“First, the latest on the Sussex psychodrama with a steam drawer fish. He’s written the books on Prince Harry and the queen, Angela Levin. And it’s been five years since Harry and Meghan tied the knot in a joyous Windsor ceremony, but their marriage has been far from the fairytale story we all imagined that day. The Perma-victim pair failed to even acknowledge their wedding anniversary on Friday, and their fake New York car chase has reduced them to a global laughing stock.

Fresh off the back of reports, the couple are quote frazzled. Meghan skipped yet another glitzy award ceremony last night, despite winning a Gong God knows how for that awful archetypes podcast. Must have been a fix. It came hours after the ginger winter Harry embarrassingly lost a high-profile court case against the UK government over his bid to hire Met police officers for private protection, a blunder reported to have cost him a cool £500,000. But this is what’s going to make you really angry. It’s cost us, the British taxpayer, £200,000.

And with the Duchess of Delusions’ notable lack of public support for her bow, including snubbing him a kiss at the basketball, failing to attend the coronation, and being absent from his book tour, not all appears well. So, Angela Levin, five years into this marriage, you have some information about what you think’s going on here?

Angela Levin: Yes, I just want to say that I was one of the few presenters of the wedding for CNN, and I just know how wonderful it was, how everyone was so happy for him. At last, he’d found someone who he loved and who could cope with the spotlight.

That was one of the greatest days, wasn’t it?
It was one of the greatest days. The whole country came together, and it totally puts paid to their suggestion that the UK is some sort of racist hellhole because actually, it was the most positive day I remember in this country since the 2012 London Olympics.

Yes, and it was a very, very happy time. But it’s just disintegrated very badly now. If we look back to that day, we discovered later that Meghan was already planning to leave before actually she got married. She had all sorts of leave the UK, leave the UK. So, I think she’s a careful planner, a plotter. And my feeling is this: Harry is actually doing something that is negative, that’s upsetting, that will make him feel that he hasn’t succeeded, that is very lowering. And Meghan is going the other way and going around in gold and going to perhaps get a big part in a film and having a very good new agent. So, she is absolutely separating from him.

As you said, she hasn’t been anywhere where he really needed her. He’s got a mental health issue, and he needs somebody there to prop him up. Anyone would, actually. But she keeps away. So, he’s doing all the nasty stuff, and she’s sailing on her head.

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And I think that’s the beginning of the end of it for him because he’s planning that actually if she has, she could be planning. My feeling is this is what she’s doing: she’s making sure that he’s in a hopeless situation so that she can get the children and so that he can’t, actually. And he’s completely isolated now from all of his family and his friends because also he’s got rooms in hotels. He’s got one room permanently available for him. That’s quite expensive.

Well, I think others, she’s shouting at him to get out or he can’t take it.
And it’s there, but I think if you have a role in your marriage, if you’ve got a garden full of places where visitors can stay, 16 bathrooms, 10 bedrooms, you might go into another room, but actually, you’re not going to go out and go somewhere else. And he’s got another one in a hotel which has a gym, and he’s there if you book it permanently. That means you’re going to use it a lot, so he’s not in the family house anymore.

I think that’s all that’s going to happen. How he will manage if it does happen is quite worrying, I think. But I think we’ll get a sudden bolt like she did with her first husband, sent the engagement and wedding ring back in an envelope.

And you say that this is why King Charles is playing very softly, softly with her because obviously William, we know, is furious, and I totally understand why. I totally support William’s decision to cut Harry off after what he’s done. But you say King Charles is leaving the lines of communication open because he’s so worried about Harry’s fragile state.

I felt this for a long time, and I think people say that he’s too soft. He’s not soft, but he’s got a son, and he’s very concerned about him. And anyone around him can see that he’s not happy. If you saw him, even in the taxi, Meghan was smiling away as if it was a sort of photoshoot, actually, and he looked absolutely terrified. He just looked sad and very, very unhappy. And I think his father’s very aware of this.
But he is an adult, Angela.

Well, I mean, I’ve been very annoyed with him and seen he’s just changed so much. He’s unrecognizable. But I think when someone is right on the bottom, I think you’ve got to be a little bit cautious.
So, the dream move to California has basically ended up a nightmare?

Yes, absolutely. It is a nightmare. He hasn’t got friends there. He hasn’t got a job there, really. He’s advising people on mental health. God help them. And what he’s doing is going backwards in time to do one court case after another, which is failing and which he won’t win at all, all of them 20 years ago. But this is where I get negative. It’s so negative, I know. But this is where I get angry, right? Because fine, he can waste his own money, Angela. Right? So, he’s just lost £500,000 because of this futile second case he took against the Home Office when we all knew he was going to lose. He’d already lost one. But it’s the fact that it’s costing us, yeah, £200,000.

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Yes, I mean, it is appalling, and we can’t forgive him. But this man doesn’t know what to do, where he is, how to manage it. He can’t manage his wife. He can’t manage the relationship because he looks, if you watch when they’re together, he runs around as if he’s a servant, not as if he’s a husband. You know, he’s got to make sure that she comes out all right and opens the door. So, you don’t think it’s a balanced relationship?

I don’t think it’s ever been a balanced relationship. I think from the first day they went on an engagement, which I went with them. I think that you could see Nottingham. That’s right, took me on that one first. He obviously liked it very much. And you had fears even then about me. I felt, yes. Well, she kept pushing him out the way and wanted to shake hands with everyone first and at that stage, they weren’t even married yet. Nobody really wanted to talk to her; they wanted to talk to Angela.

I would say that just makes her a really modern woman, and Harry is, but it’s not much of a guy wanting to support his wife. It’s not good manners. And actually, if you come into a different country, into a royal home, there’s nothing like what you have in America. So, if you went to a job, you wouldn’t say, “I’ve got to be number one, and I’m not listening to anyone.” What you do is you sit quietly for a bit and gradually see, and then you make suggestions or ideas that she could have put through would have been very happily accepted. But she can’t wait. She’s got to be out there in the front. And, you know, just don’t do that. It’s not the way you do it. So, you wait, and she didn’t wait.

And you don’t push somebody out of the way so you can get there first because you’re more important. The problem for Harry is that these court cases, which he thinks are like his life’s mission to bring down the British press, which, by the way, in the US does not go down well because of the First Amendment, they believe in freedom of the press in America.

But this case, I’ve been following it a little bit, the case against the Mirror Group newspapers, this is not looking good for him. The whole case seems to be collapsing, and he’s got to go and give evidence next month. This could make him a laughing stock yet again.

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But it’s so naive to think that when he doesn’t live in the country, he can try and change the way that the whole press operates. It’s not going to happen, is it? You have to swallow a lot of it and take no notice, or you live a life where you’re quiet, you’re away from this. To go to Hollywood and to be where all the press are and they’re allowed to be is a nonsense.

If you want quiet and you don’t want to be in the press, you told me he wanted to go to Africa and look after animals that were risking being in no more. You do that sort of thing in your life. But Megan won’t ever have anything to do with that. They always talk about all of these good things they want to do. “Oh, we were going to go to New Zealand. We were going to go to Canada. We were going to go to Africa.” But at the end of the day, it’s all talk.

I’m sorry, Angela, because when push came to shove, it’s all about this. It’s all about the Greenback. It’s all about money. Money doesn’t make you happy. It never makes you happy. But I don’t think anything will make Megan happy because she will always want more. She’ll always look around and see other women who’ve got a bigger diamond or a more expensive dress or more bathrooms in 16, and that’s what she wants.

Summary Of The Conversation

In this conversation, Angela Levin discusses the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and she shares her thoughts on what she believes is happening between them. According to Angela, their marriage has become challenging and things are not going well. She mentions that Meghan had plans to leave even before they got married, indicating that she had thought about ending the relationship.

Angela believes that Harry is doing things that make him feel unhappy and unsuccessful. On the other hand, Meghan seems to be focused on her own success and is distancing herself from Harry. Angela criticizes Meghan for not showing public support for Harry and for not attending important events together. She also mentions that Harry is struggling with his mental health, and his father, King Charles, is worried about him. Angela thinks that Harry is not handling their relationship well and is making mistakes.

Furthermore, Angela talks about Harry’s legal cases against the British press. She believes that Harry’s attempts to change the way the media operates are unrealistic and will not succeed. She mentions that Meghan is always seeking more money and material possessions, which may be contributing to their problems.

Overall, Angela Levin describes a difficult situation between Harry and Meghan, where they seem to be moving in different directions and facing various challenges in their relationship.

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