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Stephen Glover: Why Prince Harry Should Lose His Official Titles and be Removed from Public Life

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Prince Harry’s reputation suffered a major blow recently due to his disastrous two-day court appearance. This has sparked a discussion about his future as a member of the royal family. Here are the important moments from his court appearance that have caused controversy.

During the hearing, Prince Harry made statements that were uncertain and lacked clarity. He seemed unsure about many things and couldn’t recall certain details, leading people to question his credibility.

One of the most concerning moments was when Prince Harry broke royal rules by criticizing the government in his written statement. He expressed his belief that the country’s reputation globally is in a bad state due to the press and the government being at their lowest point. He accused the press of not holding the government accountable, instead choosing to support them to maintain the status quo.

In response to Prince Harry’s statement, a well-known columnist from the Daily Mail, Stephen Glover, strongly criticized the prince. Glover called him potentially dangerous and suggested that he should lose his official titles and be removed from public life if he continues attacking Britain and the government.

Opinions on this matter are divided among the public. A poll conducted by GB News on Twitter revealed that 77% of respondents believe Prince Harry should lose his titles and live a private life, while 23% think he still has a role to play in public life. The majority feel that his actions and statements have shown disrespect towards the country and the royal family.

However, there are differing views. Actress and broadcaster Jenny Barnett passionately defended Prince Harry’s right to express his opinions. She argued that free speech is important in a democracy, and as a private citizen, he should be allowed to speak his mind. Barnett also highlighted the challenges and personal struggles Prince Harry has faced.

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On the other hand, Stephen Glover firmly believed that as a member of the royal family, Prince Harry should follow the long-standing conventions that prohibit them from getting involved in politics or publicly criticizing the monarchy.

Ingrid Steward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, provided a more balanced perspective. She acknowledged that Prince Harry is no longer actively working for the royal family and suggested that while his comments were unwise, they might not have a significant impact on his current position within the monarchy.

The debate about Prince Harry’s court appearance continues, with differing opinions. The question remains whether his actions warrant losing his titles and being fully separated from the royal family, or if his remarks can be seen as exercising his right to free speech. The consequences for his role in the monarchy and public life remain uncertain.

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