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It was Really Poor: “Princess Diana’s Former bodyguard Officer Slams Duke and Duchess of Sussexes’ Security

It was Really Poor: "Princess Diana's Former bodyguard Officer Slams Duke and Duchess of Sussexes' Security
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Princess Diana’s former personal protection officer has criticized the way the Duke and Duchess of Sussex handled their security, saying it was really poorly managed. This happened after a scary car chase they were involved in while in New York.

Ken Wharfe, who used to protect Diana and later looked after Prince William and Prince Harry, spoke to ITV News and said that the security operation for the Sussexes seemed chaotic right from the start when they left a women’s gala in Manhattan.

Mr. Wharfe also said that the photographers who were following them were not trying to hurt them; they just wanted to take their picture. He believed that if the security team had handled the situation better and allowed the photographers to take some pictures, things wouldn’t have gotten as bad as they did.

He pointed out that he was concerned because right from the beginning, when the Sussexes left the hotel, it looked chaotic based on the footage he saw. He said that when a VIP or someone under protection leaves a place, that’s usually the most vulnerable time, so if things look bad at that point, they will only get worse.

He also mentioned that the car chase started when the paparazzi photographers started following them, but they weren’t trying to harm them, just get some pictures. If the situation had been handled properly from the beginning and allowed them to take some pictures, it wouldn’t have turned out as bad as it did.

Mr. Wharfe also spoke about his many years of experience working with Princess Diana and how innocent lives can be put at risk in situations like this. He believed that the couple should have gone back inside the hotel with their security team, talked about what to do, and come up with a plan before leaving again.

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He questioned why the New York Police Department wasn’t there to help. He said that even though Prince Harry doesn’t have official protection from the UK, it should have been the responsibility of the host country to make sure he was safe. If they had been involved, they would have provided assistance. He felt that the whole situation wasn’t properly thought through.

These comments come after a photographer involved in the car chase spoke out in an interview with ITV News’ Good Morning Britain.

The photographer denied being at fault and blamed the dangerous and chaotic nature of the chase on the Sussexes’ driver. He said that the driver was the one driving fast, making sudden moves, and sometimes going the wrong way. He had no control over any of that and didn’t like the idea of high-speed chases.

A photography agency also released a statement clarifying that the photographers involved were freelancers working for them. They said that their photographers have a professional duty to cover important events and people, including public figures like Prince Harry and Meghan, and they had no intention of causing any harm or distress.

According to the Sussexes’ spokesperson, the car chase led to several close calls with other drivers, pedestrians, and police officers. However, the taxi driver who drove Harry and Meghan during the incident didn’t think it was as bad as described. He said that they looked nervous in his cab, but he didn’t feel like they were in danger.

Ken Wharfe, who used to protect Princess Diana, also talked about the importance of managing the Duke of Sussex’s security properly.

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He mentioned that the current protection team hasn’t dealt with such a high-profile celebrity like Harry and Meghan before, so they need to seek advice and make sure things are well organized. He also said that the paparazzi can be a nuisance, but they are not trying to harm anyone. He advised being careful and taking appropriate action in such situations.

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