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“Debate Arises Over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Car Chase Story: Accusations of Not Being Truthful Emerge”

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TV presenter said that we shouldn’t believe Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s story about the car chase because they have a habit of not telling the truth. Harry and Meghan recently talked about a scary car chase they had in New York. Meghan’s mom was with them too.

They said it happened after a fancy event called the Ms. Foundation Women of Vision Gala. Someone speaking for Harry and Meghan confirmed that it really happened and blamed photographers who were being very aggressive.

But not everyone thinks Harry and Meghan are telling the truth. During a TV show, a person named Dan Wootton said they are known for lying. He talked about a writer who called their story an “emotional statement,” which means it’s based on their feelings and not necessarily what really happened.

Dan Wootton said the media is treating their words as true without checking if they’re actually true. He showed videos of the mayor of New York questioning their story and a taxi driver who said it didn’t happen. Dan Wootton thinks their story has been proven wrong.

Dan also said that if Harry and Meghan have any proof to back up their claims, they should show it. But he believes they made up the story to get more support from their fans.

He got upset at a writer who compared the car chase to when Princess Diana died, and he said Harry and Meghan are using their story to criticize the Royal Family. He wants the media to be more careful and check the facts before telling everyone.

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Dan Wootton also said that Harry and Meghan have been caught lying before. He mentioned their interview with Oprah Winfrey and Harry’s own book as examples of when they weren’t telling the truth. He wants the media to check what they say before telling everyone else.

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