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“Sarah Receives Criticism for Defending Prince Andrew in Controversial Interviews”

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Sarah, the Duchess of York, has given us some exciting news about Princess Eugenie’s upcoming baby. Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, are expecting their second child very soon. Their first child, August, was born in 2021.

Sarah Ferguson, who is also known as the Duchess of York, recently shared some special details about Princess Eugenie’s expected due date. In a conversation with HOLA! TV, Sarah, who happens to be Eugenie’s mother, opened up about when the public might have a chance to see the newborn baby.

This news comes after Princess Eugenie previously announced that she and her husband, Jack, are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their second child. Their first child, August, was born in February 2021. Now, with Sarah’s revelation, the excitement grows as everyone eagerly awaits the moment when they can catch a first glimpse of Princess Eugenie’s precious baby.

“Well, we’re not exactly sure what it is yet. But according to our calculations, the baby is expected to be born sometime before the end of May. So, it could literally happen any minute now,” she explained with anticipation in her voice.

Sarah was also asked about her thoughts on becoming a grandmother. With a warm smile, she replied, “Oh, I truly believe that I will be one of the best grannies ever. In fact, I aspire to be the absolute greatest abuela because I have a unique ability to think and understand things just like a three-year-old does.”

Sarah’s excitement and enthusiasm were evident as she spoke about the upcoming arrival of her grandchild. She couldn’t help but imagine all the joy and wonder that the little one would bring into their lives. Sarah eagerly looked forward to embracing her new role and creating cherished memories with her grandchild as they embarked on this beautiful journey together.

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In recent news related to Sarah, the Duchess of York, she opened up about a heartfelt promise she made to the late Queen regarding her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. Sarah and Andrew were married from 1986 to 1996, and although they have since divorced, they continue to reside in the Royal Lodge.

During an appearance on the talk show Loose Women, Sarah candidly shared, “We have been divorced longer than we were married, and I believe in the three c’s – communicate, compromise, and compassion. That’s how Andrew and I maintain a good relationship. We get along because, in the darkest moments of my life, he was always there for me. And I will be there for him in his darkest moments.”

She further revealed that she had made a promise to the Queen, Andrew’s mother, to support and care for him. Sarah explained, “Before his mother passed away, I spoke to her and made a promise. I said, ‘I will be there for him, I will assist him on his journey.'”

Sarah’s words showcased her enduring bond with Andrew and her commitment to being a source of strength and support in his life. Despite the challenges they have faced, she emphasized the importance of maintaining a compassionate connection, rooted in communication and compromise. Sarah’s promise to the late Queen highlights her enduring dedication to being there for Andrew, serving as a reminder of their enduring connection and shared history.

In recent developments, Sarah has faced significant criticism due to her interviews in defense of her former spouse, Prince Andrew, which have been labeled as “embarrassing” by many. One instance of this occurred last month when Sarah made an appearance on GMB (Good Morning Britain), where she openly praised Prince Andrew and portrayed him as a “very good man.”

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During her interview, Sarah expressed her unwavering support for Prince Andrew, emphasizing his positive qualities. She stated, “With Prince Andrew, he’s such a good man. He’s a kind, good man.” Furthermore, she advocated for shifting the public’s attention away from him, allowing him the opportunity to rebuild his life.

These remarks made by Sarah have drawn widespread criticism, with royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam providing an exclusive statement to ED! magazine. Fitzwilliam expressed his view that Sarah’s frequent interviews defending Prince Andrew have been perceived as embarrassing. He also highlighted the fact that Sarah has not been invited to the upcoming Coronation, a decision he considers to be prudent. Additionally, Fitzwilliam suggested that while Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie might be assigned more royal duties to compensate for the reduced number of working royals, the association with the York brand is still regarded as contentious or unfavorable.

In summary, Sarah has been subjected to criticism for her interviews in defense of Prince Andrew, with the negative reception stemming from perceptions of embarrassment. The exclusion of Sarah from the Coronation and concerns regarding the reputation of the York brand have further fueled the discussion surrounding this matter.

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