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“Sarah Ferguson Supports King Charles: Applauds His Environmental Efforts and Advocacy for Youth, Despite Not Attending Coronation”

"Sarah Ferguson Supports King Charles: Applauds His Environmental Efforts and Advocacy for Youth, Despite Not Attending Coronation"
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Sarah Ferguson recently shared her positive feelings about King Charles, even though she didn’t receive an invitation to the recent coronation ceremony. Some people thought she was left out on purpose because of her past marriage to Prince Andrew. However, she explained that her absence was more of a formal decision and not something personal.

Even though she couldn’t go to the actual coronation, Sarah Ferguson and her daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, attended the coronation concert. Sarah talked about this special event in an interview with HOLA! TV and had only good things to say about the new king.

Sarah took to Instagram to share a nice picture of herself and her daughters at the concert. She felt lucky to have been invited and included in such a beautiful and magical concert. She felt honored and grateful for the opportunity.

Sarah described the concert as a touching experience and a moment in history that meant a lot to her. She mentioned how Lionel Richie performed and how it was amazing to be part of such a magical event. She also praised King Charles for his work in protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.

Sarah believed he was a modern king who cares about young people’s rights and fights for justice. She fully supported his desire for a cleaner planet and saving the environment. Additionally, she appreciated his dedication to helping children and young adults.

Even though she didn’t attend the coronation ceremony, Sarah sent a friendly tweet congratulating the new king and queen on their special day. She also joined the celebrations by helping out at a street party in a care home in Windsor.

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In summary, Sarah Ferguson spoke positively about King Charles, even though she wasn’t invited to the coronation. She enjoyed the concert, admired the king’s work, and supported his causes.

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