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We Have Mismanaged Things And Brexit Has Failed “Nigel Farage Admits Brexit Failed and Suggests Potential Return to Politics”(video)

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Nigel Farage has made a surprising admission, suggesting a potential return to politics while acknowledging the failure of Brexit. As the former leader of UKIP and a prominent figure behind Britain’s exit from the EU, Farage criticized the Conservative Party’s handling of the withdrawal process. In an interview on BBC2’s Newsnight, he expressed disappointment with the economic outcomes of Brexit, claiming that the country has not reaped the anticipated benefits.

Farage argued that Brexit has highlighted the incompetence of both British politicians and their counterparts in Brussels. He pointed out that certain factors, such as takeovers and corporation tax, have driven businesses away from the UK, indicating that the country may be regulating its own enterprises even more strictly than before. When challenged about the potential economic advantages of remaining in the EU, Farage disagreed and stated that he didn’t believe the UK would have been better off staying in the European Union.

While hosting his nightly show on GB News, Farage left the door open for a return to active politics. Insiders within his current political platform, Reform UK, speculated that if he believed victory was possible, Farage’s hunger for publicity might entice him to enter the political arena once again. However, he clarified that it wasn’t his top priority at the moment.

Brexit, which saw the UK vote to leave the EU with a 52% majority in a pivotal referendum on June 23, 2016, had profound political repercussions. It led to the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron, the premiership of Theresa May, and ultimately Boris Johnson’s assumption of office. Johnson’s successful election campaign in 2019, with the slogan “Get Brexit Done,” resulted in an 80-seat majority in the House of Commons. The UK officially departed from the EU on January 31, 2020.

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Reflecting on Farage’s admission, Naomi Smith, the chief executive of the internationalist campaign group Best for Britain, described Brexit as a stain on the UK’s global reputation, an impediment to economic growth, and a disaster for EU citizens residing in the UK and Britons living in Europe. Smith emphasized the need for both the government and the opposition to commit to rectifying the damage caused by Brexit promptly.

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