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I live in a tiny wagon that cost me just £200 to build – keeping mice out is a challenge but I love the simple life

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A WOMAN has revealed her tiny off-grid home, which she built using her DIY skills, only cost her £200 in total.

For the past two years, Holly has been living in a “traveller inspired” wagon in a bid to opt out of modern home living and reduce her carbon footprint.

In 2020, she decided to utilise her DIY skills and began building her off-grid home, which she estimates only cost £200 to build.

Now, the 23-year-old has shared insight into her living situation, which includes solar power, a wood fired log burner and fold-out sofa bed.

“The peace, tranquility and reconnection with nature is definitely the best remedy for mental health,” Holly, an environmental charity worker from Bristol, told NeedToKnow.Online.

“As I sit by my fireplace in candle light, with a mug of hot chocolate and a cat on my lap, I feel as though it’s all worthwhile.

“I care a lot about sustainable living and I have always felt that I could not contribute to the massive amount of waste that comes with a house.”

Holly uses solar panels for all of her electricity, as well as a wood burner for heating to save on energy costs.

“In the past, I have worked on construction sites building large domestic estates, and saw first hand the vast amounts of unsustainable materials and waste that modern housing builds use in this country.”

Holly began with collecting construction timber scraps from skips, bins and waste from building sites in a bid to create the 21.5sqft cabin.

Starting with building the fame, she used branches from a tree and bent them over to create a “bow” roof, along with placing stretched insulation on top to create a waterproof barrier.

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After a few months, her tiny abode was complete and now, she’s enjoying living in the midst of the British countryside – free from the guilt of contributing to any ecological damage.

She said: “It is extremely humbling and rewarding, being so close to nature and knowing that I am not harming what is around me.

“I am lucky to have it parked somewhere that is surrounded by nature, listening to birds every morning and watching deer run past my window.”

However, with nature, comes rodents and keeping the mice out is a challenge.

“Also, there are winter days when there isn’t enough sunlight to power up my laptop, so I have to simply do without. “

In a clip uploaded on TikTok, which has racked up 31,000 views and thousands of likes, she takes her followers on a tour around her off-grid home.

Users flocked to the comments to share their opinions, with some falling in love with the tiny space and others, who weren’t too keen.

One user commented: “I adore the home space.”

“I’d happily live in one of them,” said another viewer.

“This is so awesome,” another person wrote.

While a fourth revealed they would do the same, saying: “I’m going to be living on a land with family and friends and have my own tiny home! I cannot wait.”

“Soooo, you live in a tool shed that’s full of tools,” someone else commented.

Holly added: “I am currently looking into upgrading into a slightly bigger tiny home, to accommodate for guests and more hobbies.

“I have adored living in my hand-built tiny wagon, as it is the perfect size for me and feels as though I am truly living in nature.”

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