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Meghan’s mom had a hard time taking care of her- , Earl Spencer

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A recent revelation has sparked controversy and speculation surrounding Meghan Markle’s consideration of adopting the name “Spencer.” A well-known author who explored the life of Diana’s father, Earl Spencer, shares insights that raise concerns about this decision.

The author suggests that Meghan may not have fully considered the implications, pointing out a history of aggression within the Spencer family.

According to the author’s research, Earl Spencer, known for his aggressive behavior, may not be the best choice for Meghan to take his surname. The author also reveals that Meghan’s mother, whose maiden name was Roche, faced difficulties while trying to care for her.

The book highlights instances of Earl Spencer’s violent tendencies, with his father and grandfather also known for mistreating their partners.

The author questions Meghan’s motivations for choosing the Spencer name and raises concerns about potential spitefulness.

It is emphasized that Diana, who greatly supported and loved the royal family, would likely disapprove of Meghan adopting the Spencer name. The book, written 15 years ago, explains how Diana’s troubled childhood, without a mother figure and with family discord, greatly impacted her happiness.

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