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Kate Middleton being ‘blamed’ for not revealing her cancer sooner, royal expert says

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Kate Middleton has had to handle a lot of rumors about her personal life this year. Royal commentator Michael Cole says that social media is the main reason for these problems.

Michael Cole spoke strongly in a recent interview about how news of Kate Middleton’s health has been reported in the media and on social platforms. He believes that the internet gives people the ability to say whatever they want about public figures without revealing their identity.

This anonymity allows “trolls” to spread false information and make accusations without facing any consequences. According to Cole, this freedom to remain anonymous makes it easy for people to start and spread rumors about Kate Middleton and other well-known individuals.

In an interview with Talk TV this week, Michael Cole, a former BBC royal correspondent and PR expert, shared his strong opinions about how Kate Middleton has been treated this year.

At the beginning of the year, Kate seemed to disappear from public view, leading to a flood of rumors online. Eventually, she confirmed in a video message that she was undergoing preventative cancer treatment. Some people accused Kate of being responsible for the rumors, saying she should have shared news about her treatment sooner.

Cole expressed his anger about how these rumors started, saying, “This is of course utterly contemptible, but you and I know that the well of human malice has no bottom… all I can do is condemn these people.”

He also talked about Prince William attending D-Day commemorative events alone, adding, “I’m sure he misses her, and why wouldn’t he? She’s beautiful, she’s charming, she’s elegant, and she certainly does not deserve this. I wish there were punishments for these people.”

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“Why would anybody go out there and just be deliberately nasty about somebody they don’t know or her condition, about which they know absolutely nothing? It puzzles me, I deplore it.”

Cole blames social media anonymity
Discussing the reasons why so many rumors can spread so quickly these days, Cole fervently agreed with the host that social media was to blame.

“I’ve always found in life, people who have got time to talk about other people have got no life of their own”, claimed the octogenarian royal expert.

On social media “trolls”, he added: “I’m afraid that that’s the case in many of these instances. But why they’ve got such venom, why they’ve got such malice, why they’ve got, as you say, the word evil – it’s there, because these people wouldn’t have the guts to say it to your face at all.

“They hide away in their sneaky little corners,” he concluded.

At the time of writing, there have been no official updates from The Firm concerning Kate’s condition, with no timeline for her return having been made public yet.

Some royal experts fear we won’t see the Princess until next year.

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