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Prince William Showed That the Monarchy Is ‘at Its Strongest’ Now Without Kate

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Prince William, King Charles, and Queen Camilla went to France to remember the 80th anniversary of D-Day, which was when soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944. William’s wife, Kate, who is now called the Princess of Wales, did not go with them because she is getting chemotherapy treatment to prevent illness.

Many people who follow the royal family think the family is in a tough spot without Kate, who is very popular and seen as important. But an expert said that Prince William showed the monarchy is still very strong even without her.

At the ceremonies, Prince William and King Charles gave speeches to honor the brave soldiers. King Charles and Queen Camilla were both seen crying during the ceremony before the king made his speech.

Darren Stanton is an expert in understanding body language and behavior. He has a degree in psychology and used to work as a police officer. He is known as the “Human Lie Detector” because of his skills. Stanton said that King Charles and Camilla showed a lot of strength and togetherness during the event.

Stanton talked about King Charles’s speech and said he appeared very powerful, confident, and in control. He spoke calmly and with ease, showing he believed in what he was saying. Queen Camilla stood by his side, and together they looked very strong.

Stanton also said that Queen Camilla usually stands confidently with her hands by her side, but at this event, she looked more humble to show respect. She had tears in her eyes, showing she was deeply moved by the occasion.

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Even though Kate is often seen as the royal family’s strongest member, Stanton said that William, his father King Charles, and his stepmother Camilla wanted to show that the royal family is strongest when they work as a team.

Stanton explained that William looked strong and confident, standing with his shoulders back and speaking sincerely. He seemed very genuine and compassionate, showing that he cared a lot about the event. William, Charles, and Camilla all wanted to show that the monarchy is at its best when they are united.

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