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“King Charles Defends Kate Middleton, Warns Royals Against Criticism”

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King Charles is standing up strongly for Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, amid her recovery from a cancer diagnosis. He has made it clear that any negative comments about her from royal family members will not be tolerated. Christopher Andersen, the author of “The King,” spoke with Fox News Digital about Charles’s protective stance towards Kate, noting that this has caused some surprise within the royal family.

Kate has faced criticism in the past for not participating in as many royal events as other family members, such as the late Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles, or Princess Anne. However, Andersen points out that Kate has always prioritized her children over her royal duties. Previously, Charles had not addressed these criticisms, but now he firmly defends Kate against any negative remarks.

Andersen highlights that anyone in the royal family who speaks poorly about Kate risks being reprimanded by King Charles. He has also emphasized that the timing of Kate’s return to public duties will be based on her health and medical advice, and everyone should respect this.

Both King Charles and Kate Middleton were diagnosed with cancer around the same time, which has brought them closer. Andersen claims that Charles was deeply affected by Kate’s cancer announcement and admires her bravery. He sees her as a crucial figure for the future of the monarchy, given her role as the wife of a future king and the mother of another future monarch.

Kate’s loyalty to the royal family has been unwavering, which is something Charles highly values. To show his appreciation, Charles made Kate the first royal ever appointed to the Order of the Companions of Honor. Andersen concludes that Charles, understanding the emotional and physical toll of cancer, is committed to ensuring Kate receives all the support she needs during her recovery.


King Charles’s cancer diagnosis was made public by the BBC in February, though the specific type of cancer was not disclosed. Buckingham Palace assured the public that it was not prostate cancer, which was discovered after Charles underwent surgery for an enlarged prostate. Following his diagnosis, Charles began regular treatments and took a break from his public duties, returning to them in April.

Kate Middleton announced her cancer diagnosis on March 22, 2024, after undergoing planned abdominal surgery. She started chemotherapy and shared the news in an Instagram post, expressing the shock and the efforts she and Prince William are making to manage the situation privately for their young family.

Kate’s return to work will depend on her medical condition, and she is currently recovering at Adelaide Cottage, where she lives with Prince William and their three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

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