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Prince Harry’s Vulgar Slur, Suggests King Charles Is Bullying Him

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Recent news about the British royal family has focused on Prince Harry receiving criticism for his portrayal of his father, King Charles, during a tough time when the King is dealing with cancer treatment. On a segment of Good Afternoon Britain, experts talked about Harry’s recent comments, suggesting that he has not been kind to his father.

The experts are worried because despite King Charles having cancer and not knowing when Harry will return to the UK, Prince Harry hasn’t shown any understanding towards his father. When Harry visited London for an Invictus Games event recently, he didn’t bring his kids to see their grandfather, and Meghan Markle didn’t come either.

The conversation shifted towards discussing Harry and Meghan’s current activities in Nigeria. One expert suggested that members of the royal family declined to meet with Harry because doing so might be seen as endorsing his actions.

Another commentator remarked that despite Harry and Meghan’s efforts to present their trip as a royal tour, it is not officially recognized as such. Instead, they are seen as seeking attention, freebies, and luxurious accommodations rather than engaging in official royal duties..

Meghan sparked controversy upon arriving in Nigeria by referring to it as “home,” a reference to her previous claim of having Nigerian heritage. However, the trip has been marred by criticism, especially since the financially struggling nation is reportedly covering the security costs for the couple.

The overall sentiment seems to be critical, with some referring to the tour as the “Grifter’s Tour,” implying that the Markles are exploiting their connections for personal gain.

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