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I thought they were stopping the boats?!’ Andrew Pierce hits out after RECORD number of migrants cross the channel

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Andrew Pierce expressed frustration after a record-breaking influx of migrants crossed the English Channel on Sunday. According to figures from the Home Office, a total of 534 individuals were detected making the journey, marking the highest number for a single day this year. Speaking on GB News, Andrew Pierce questioned the effectiveness of measures to prevent such crossings, stating, “I thought that they were stopping the boats?”

In response, Mark White, the Home and Security Editor at GB News, acknowledged the failure to prevent these crossings, stating, “Well, they’re certainly not stopping the boats,” and highlighted that 534 people had arrived illegally in ten small boats on that day alone, constituting the largest daily total of the year.

This surge brings the total number of arrivals via this route to over 6,200 for the year thus far, a figure that represents an increase of nearly 30% compared to the same period last year. The significant rise in arrivals raises concerns about the effectiveness of border control measures and the challenges posed by illegal migration.

Now, you remember last year the government was trumpeting quite widely how their policies were working in terms of having a deterrent effect on the small boats crossing. It was down by a third.

“That has been cancelled out effectively by what we are seeing now.”

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