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Man sliced in half by forklift makes heartbreaking announcement following ‘betrayal’

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Loren Schauers, who lost half his body in a terrible forklift accident, often shares updates about getting better on TikTok. Recently, he asked his followers a very sad question.

A man who was cut in half by a forklift shared a message saying he’s been finding it hard to make friends lately. Loren Schauers survived a terrible workplace accident in 2019. A forklift he was using fell off a bridge and crushed him. He lost both legs and half of his right arm. Despite his injuries, he’s amazed people with his brave determination to keep living his life.

Loren and his wife Sabia often tell people what they’re doing each day. Many people follow them and want to hear more. They talk about hard things and don’t avoid topics that might make others uncomfortable.

Recently, Loren talked on Facebook about having trouble making new friends. He was very open and honest about it.

“Am I the only one who struggles to make friends?” he wondered. “I’m not usually busy, but I’m not sure who to reach out to and let into my life.”

Loren shared that he had felt disappointed and hurt by people before, and now he worried it might be hard for him to trust again. He said, “I’ve been let down by so-called ‘friends’ in many ways. It’s made it hard for me to trust people, worrying they might steal from me or take advantage of me in some way.”

“I know it might seem silly to post this on Facebook, but hey! If anyone is looking for a friend, I’m always free and would love to make some new friends. It feels like forever since I’ve hung out with anyone who isn’t family lol. Hit me up!”

People were quick to offer support and encouragement. One person said, “I wish I could hang out with you, dude! You seem cool, but Montana is far from Missouri.”

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” I haven’t had friends for about 3 years now. It’s really tough to find friends. Hang in there, cousin,” another person wrote.

“What can we do to help you?” asked a third.

“You’re not alone. I’ve been struggling with this since I finished high school. I was in college for over 3 years and didn’t make any friends.

“My advice is to get out more or find a hobby! Whether it’s going to the bar for darts, the park, or even just going to the grocery store. You’d be surprised how many people you can meet!”

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