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Uk Is a Christian Country,  We Must Take Our Society Back To Christianity- Lee Anderson

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Lee Anderson asserts that Britain is a Christian nation and believes it’s time to reclaim our country. He argues that a recent terrible attack in London highlights Sadiq Khan’s failure to keep the streets safe for millions of citizens.

I didn’t think Sadiq Khan could be worse in my opinion, but in the past day, he’s made me feel even more disappointed. Yesterday’s terrible knife attack in Beckenham has made everyone feel sick. It’s just one more violent crime in London, showing that Khan hasn’t been able to make the streets safer for millions of good people. It’s not okay that things have gotten this bad.

Instead of finding simple ways to make London safer, like doing more stop and searches, Sadiq is more focused on looking good for the upcoming mayoral election in May.

According to this paper, Coventry Street is having a Ramadan lighting display during the Easter weekend. Although Khan didn’t organize the lights, that was done by Westminster City Council, he didn’t miss the chance to take credit. He happily switched on the lights to try to make himself look good and win over his supporters, even though it’s not directly his responsibility.

Khan laughed and cheered in front of the crowds, but lots of Londoners are feeling more and more scared when they leave their homes and go about their day, especially when using public transport. Sadiq probably feels safe, though, especially with his taxpayer-funded protection team. When will he realize what’s happening? How much worse will crime get in a London where law and order seem to be slipping away?

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Let’s talk about traditional values for a moment. Last time I checked, Britain is known as a Christian country, which is even written into our laws. So, why isn’t one of the most important Christian festivals celebrated proudly in the capital city? It seems both Labour and the Tories aren’t standing up for Christian values. Even the Tory candidate for the Westminster constituency only gave lukewarm support for the lights, without really emphasizing the importance of Christian celebrations. Under successive Tory governments, British culture, identity, and values seem to be fading away, and it’s happening faster and faster.

To be clear, this isn’t about attacking Islam or any other religion. I fully respect everyone’s right to celebrate their faith. But who in the government is standing up for the Christian values that helped shape our country? Can you honestly imagine a Muslim country decorating its capital with Easter decorations during Ramadan?

These problems aren’t only in London; they happen all over the country. A bad mix of uncontrolled immigration and influential people in our institutions focused on being “woke” has led to fast cultural changes. Now, it seems like policing tweets is more important than policing our streets. It’s a terrible situation that could have been prevented.

When I recently said, “I want my country back,” I was mocked by a group of liberal politicians and media types centered around Westminster who seem disconnected from the rest of the country. I encourage them to spend more time outside their bubble and talk to everyday people. Many people I meet share my sentiment—they feel ignored and like their traditions and beliefs are being overlooked.

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Britain needs politicians who will stand up for law and order and traditional values. The Tories can’t do it and Labour won’t do it. Only Reform has the backbone to tackle these issues head-on. I just hope we can get our country back before it’s too late.

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