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Meghan Panics After New Concrete Proof Exposed Queen Never Permit Them Lili’s Name

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Recent claims have surfaced, suggesting that Megan and Harry might have been caught red-handed in a live interview, allegedly lying about Queen Elizabeth II granting permission for naming their daughter, Lilibet. The plot thickens as a former member of the Queen’s staff alleges that Her Majesty was furious after the couple publicly claimed to have consulted her before naming their 2-year-old daughter.

An exclusive source from Us Weekly, however, counters these claims, revealing that Megan and Harry did, in fact, receive the Queen’s approval to use the name Lilibet. According to this insider, the royal couple obtained 100% permission from the Queen, contradicting the eyebrow-raising allegations made by the former staff member.

This revelation comes amid a royal uproar caused by the claims featured in Robert Hardman’s upcoming book, “Charles 3: New King, New Court – The Inside Story.” The source vehemently denies the accusations, with Harry and Megan expressing shock and suggesting that it’s part of an ongoing smear campaign against them.

Notably, royal biographer Almed Scobby, a known ally of the Sussexes, has also chimed in, dismissing the claims as detrimental to the Queen’s image. Screenshots shared by Scobby contradict the allegations, deepening the controversy around the ongoing royal drama.

Megan, known for her media-savvy moves, faced an unexpected twist on live air, where concrete proof seemingly exposed a lie during the interview. The shock on her face was palpable as the narrative she tried to spin crumbled before viewers’ eyes.

As the royal soap opera takes an unexpected turn, it appears that Megan and Harry’s master plan to control the narrative might be unraveling faster than anticipated. The Royal Spotlight proves unforgiving, and the truth is starting to pierce through the carefully constructed narrative.

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What’s your take on this royal bombshell?

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