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King Charles Health In Decline Due To Family Stress

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King Charles hasn’t been feeling his best lately and it might have something to do with his son, Prince Harry, and his little brother, Prince Andrew.

That’s because he’s feeling incredibly stressed over all of the damage that the two royals have done so far to the monarchy.

And it seems like with each passing day things are just getting worse than better. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – King Charles Health In Decline Due To Family Stress
King Charles’ health might be in decline due to everything that he has been going through lately. The start of his reign has not been easy on him.

He’s been dealing with all of the Jeffrey Epstein related headlines and controversy thanks to Prince Andrew’s old connections with him.

Even though the Duke of York denies any wrongdoing, he is still guilty by association, according to a lot of royal critics. And as much as King Charles is trying to forgive his brother and allow him back into the royal fold, he’s also been hit with a lot of pushback because of it.

Prince William is supposedly reeling behind closed doors because the King of England is willing to give Prince Andrew another chance. William certainly doesn’t believe that he deserves one.

If that weren’t enough, the problem called ‘Prince Harry’ and his wife ‘Meghan Markle’ isn’t going away, either. It seems like whenever Harry and Meghan make headlines, their aim is to spin it to make the royal family look bad.

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King Charles is absolutely tired of all the back-and-forth feuding with the Sussexes. He just wants it to stop already before it’s too late. With his age and his mental health declining, it might only be a matter of time before the king throws in the towel and says he’s done with it all. Do you agree?

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