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Meghan Markle FEARS Famous Future Husbands List Will LEAK, Celebs SNUB Her!

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Meghan Markle just doesn’t understand what she did to deserve her year of bad luck. And a new report describes how the Duchess of Sussex sees herself as a sweetly innocent victim, baffled that superstars like George Clooney and Michelle Obama have snubbed and even ghosted her.

But Meghan also feels insulted that the royal family sits there (in her vivid imagination) toasting those who humiliated the actress.

And it all comes amid the Duchess worrying that her former best friend will spill her darkest secrets. For instance, Meghan allegedly penned a “famous future husbands” list before hooking Prince Harry. Get the royal gossip below.

Meghan Markle Wants Sympathy For Horrible Year

It’s not easy to wear Meghan Markle’s designer shoes these days, claims a new report via Reddit. And the challenges of living in the Duchess of Sussex’s lap of luxury include her erroneous assumption that she and Prince Harry would become huge stars after their Netflix documentary series.

Meghan Markle FEARS Famous Future Husbands List Will LEAK, Celebs SNUB Her!

But beyond the fact that Meghan didn’t earn her star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, the delusional Duchess doesn’t understand why the world wants to humiliate her. (For an example, check out South Park.) However, Meghan also feels baffled that Michelle Obama, George Clooney, and other A-list superstars have ghosted and snubbed her.

And the Duchess of Sussex feels insulted. But an insider revealed that Meghan thinks the royal family sits there “clinking their glasses & laughing their heads off 6000 miles away! They’ve had people they thought were their friends TOTALLY GHOST THEM!” And the Duchess “can’t understand what they have done to deserve this harsh treatment, except for sticking up for themselves!”

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Meghan Markle Fears Former Best Friend Spilling Secrets

But 2024 might produce another humiliation for the bewildered actress. And Meghan got a hint when her former best friend Jessica Mulroney posted a cryptic social media video about people who refuse to see the truth. Meghan and Jessica became estranged amid the Black Lives Matter movement, per Yahoo.

And Jessica’s new social media post seemed to accuse the Duchess of Sussex as refusing to seek the truth. It followed a previous quote that also reportedly referred to Meghan. “Anybody who believes lies about you, before even hearing your side of the story, was already looking for a way to be against you,” claimed the second clip. And the previous one said, “As loving as I am, my detachment game is strong too.”

But an insider shared, “Everyone says Jessica’s cryptic posts were directed at Meghan. They’re not all that subtle.” And sources also warn of “more to come,” with Jessica posed to betray her former best friend.

Meghan Markle Created ‘Famous Future Husbands’ List

The two met after Meghan moved from Hollywood to Toronto to film Suits. As a result of their friendship, Jessica “knows more about Meghan than probably anyone,” cautioned one insider. And the source described the Duchess as possessing “secrets she doesn’t want revealed. And if anyone can cause her damage by sharing those, by writing a book, posting on social media, giving a tell-all interview or otherwise, it’s Jessica.”

But what specifically does Meghan’s former best friend know? “She knows all of her intimate secrets, including the calculating way she really hooked Harry,” claimed one insider. And the Duchess allegedly has confessed to doing “homework” by studying Prince Harry’s history before their first date.

But “Jessica knows what Meghan’s Hollywood dreams were,” continues the insider. “There were other famous men who were on her ‘future husbands’ list. Let’s just say, Meghan would be devastated if the specifics came out.”

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Meghan allegedly creating a “famous future husbands” list before hooking Prince Harry? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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