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What Meghan Markle Is Hiding That Could Make Her the Most Powerful Woman in the World

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As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix deal nears its end, speculation mounts over what the couple’s next career move might be. With book deals, endorsements, and even property investments suggested as potential money-makers, one expert proposes that Meghan herself could be primed to capitalize on a “gold mine” – her own life story.

Daily express reported that Royal biographer Tom Bower suggests that an autobiography from the Duchess of Sussex would likely prove highly profitable. Given Meghan’s reputation as an imaginative storyteller, Bower expects she could spellbind readers with an intriguing personal account and significantly bolster her and Harry’s income in the process.

Bower’s comments come on the heels of his assessment that Meghan’s original motivations for coming to London centered on furthering her acting career, as roles had dried up after her stint on legal drama Suits. He points to Meghan landing the part of Rachel Zane as her last major gig prior to meeting Harry, intimating that her Hollywood prospects had dimmed.

With Archewell Productions, the Sussexes’ multi-media company, racking up substantial overheads amid wider entertainment industry strikes, Meghan and Harry could face pressing financial difficulties in 2024 if new lucrative ventures don’t pan out.

An autobiography from the Duchess, detailing her journey from struggling actress to British royal outcast, would likely see intense public intrigue. As Harry’s memoir Spare has proven, appetites remain substantial for insider perspectives on the Windsors. While ghostwriting assistance would seem probable, Meghan’s first-hand account could be the most candid glimpse yet behind the palace gates.

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What might readers discover from the actress-turned-royal’s tell-all tale? Perhaps the narrative would trace the challenges she faced assimilating into the stuffy protocols of the House of Windsor. Could Harry feature as her rescuer, spiriting her away from the constraints of royal life? Might villains emerge in the guise of cold-shouldered courtiers or aloof family members?

The recent Harry and William detente could prompt a softening in how the Sussexes’ departure is depicted. Yet Tom Bower anticipates an adherence to a preferred narrative on Meghan’s part, rather than strict accuracy – such is the alluring appeal of myth-making.

Ghostwriter or not, Meghan’s skills as a compelling storyteller would likely shine through. Her 2015 UN address displays natural ease weaving in personal anecdotes to bring broader issues to life. Channeling this ability into an expansive memoir could make for a page-turner brimming with insight, mirth and intrigue.

Would such a tell-all tome further inflame tensions with the Palace? Or might the Sussexes wish to temper content out of respect for Harry’s father, as speculation suggests King Charles yearns for greater proximity to his son’s California-based family?

What cannot be denied is the scale of public intrigue around the Sussexes and their strained bonds with the royal family. If Meghan is inclined to enlighten inquiring minds with an intimate memoir, a substantial financial windfall seems assured.

With Harry’s book sales cementing appetite for their angle on royal life, the commercial opportunities afforded by Meghan penning her own personal chronicle appear rich indeed. As Bower surmises, the prospective gold mine of such an unprecedented account could furnish the Sussexes with bountiful new levels of financial freedom.

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