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Royal Betrayal : Prince Harry’s Heartless Move Following the Queen’s Death Exposed

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In this week’s GB News Royal Update, Angela Levan, the esteemed Royal biographer, takes center stage to deliver a comprehensive rundown of the latest events within the Royal household.

Our attention is drawn to a compelling new book penned by Royal expert Robert Hardman, offering a detailed insight into the final days of Queen Elizabeth. Angela shares that the Queen’s passing was marked by a peaceful transition in her sleep, leaving the nation still grappling with the loss of this iconic figure.

Angela paints a vivid picture of the moments surrounding Prince Charles’s swift transition to becoming King Charles. Despite efforts to reach the Queen in time, Prince Charles was greeted by the news from the aides, who addressed him as “Your Majesty.” The emotional journey of this transition is captured in Angela’s narrative.

A touching highlight of the week is Prince William’s display of compassion, reminiscent of his late mother, Princess Diana. Angela emphasizes the significance of William’s support for a friend battling a rare muscular disease, showcasing the enduring legacy of Princess Diana’s empathy.

Angela delves into an intriguing excerpt from Hardman’s book that sheds light on Prince Harry’s perspective during the Queen’s final days. The revelation hints at strained family dynamics, prompting questions and discussions among Royal watchers.

Switching to a lighter note, Angela celebrates the natural affection between Mike Tindle and Zara, who openly express their love during a swim in Australia. Their genuine connection paints a heartwarming picture of an ordinary couple seamlessly integrated into the Royal family.

The report wraps up with Angela commending the strong bond between Prince William and Mike Tindle, emphasizing their friendship and mutual support. This bond, Angela notes, exemplifies the successful integration of an ordinary family into the Royal fold.

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