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King Charles’ Secret Scandals: How He Lied to Harry and Meghan and Risked a Royal Feud

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been ‘denied the whole truth’ by their father and father-in-law King Charles III, who ascended to the throne after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022.

According to a new book by royal biographer Andrew Morton, King Charles has been hiding some secrets and scandals from the Sussexes, in order to avoid a huge feud and a constitutional crisis.

The book, titled ‘Charles III: The Reluctant King’, claims that King Charles has been concealing the details of his divorce from Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he married in 2005, and his remarriage to Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, whom he had been having an affair with for years.

The book also claims that King Charles has been covering up the involvement of his brother Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking scandal, which has been investigated by the FBI and the US Department of Justice.

According to Gbnews, The book suggests that King Charles has been lying to Meghan and Harry, and telling them that everything is fine and under control, in order to prevent them from speaking out or exposing the truth. The book also suggests that King Charles has been trying to appease and placate Meghan and Harry, by offering them money, security, and titles, in exchange for their silence and loyalty.

However, the book warns that King Charles’ strategy may backfire, as Meghan and Harry may discover the truth and feel betrayed and angry. The book predicts that Meghan and Harry may decide to reveal the secrets and scandals of the royal family, and to challenge the authority and legitimacy of King Charles. The book also predicts that Meghan and Harry may join forces with other disgruntled and dissatisfied royals, such as Prince Harry’s cousin Princess Beatrice, who has been sidelined and snubbed by King Charles.

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The book portrays King Charles as a ‘reluctant’ and ‘insecure’ king, who has been struggling to cope with the challenges and pressures of his new role as the head of state and the head of the royal family.

The book also portrays King Charles as a ‘divisive’ and ‘unpopular’ king, who has been facing criticism and opposition from the public and the media over his controversial policies and decisions, such as his plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing and resettlement, which has been challenged in court and condemned by human rights groups.

The book contrasts King Charles with his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, who was a ‘respected’ and ‘beloved’ queen, who dedicated her life to the crown and the country. The book also contrasts King Charles with his son, Prince William, who is the heir apparent and the future king, who is a ‘popular’ and ‘charismatic’ prince, who has the support and admiration of the people and the press

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