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In the latest edition of Neil Sean’s Daily News Headlines, the spotlight is once again on Meghan Markle and her past as a cast member on the popular cable TV show, Suits. Neil Sean humorously dives into the recent Variety event where Markle enthusiastically reminisced about her seven years on Suits, but notably omitted any mention of her former cast members.

According to Sean, the situation takes an interesting turn as Netflix, which picked up the repeats of Suits, reportedly capitalized on Meghan’s name to rake in profits. This development has led to some tension among the cast, culminating in a revealing moment at the recent Golden Globe Awards.

Sean sheds light on an exclusive revelation regarding Gina Torres, a fellow Suits cast member, who allegedly put an end to the rumors of a continued friendship with Meghan. Sean suggests that not everyone at the table was pleased with Torres’ candid statement, as there seemed to be a desire to maintain the illusion that Meghan was still closely connected to the Suits family.

The narrative delves into the speculation that Meghan distanced herself from her former co-stars after her wedding in 2018, once her perceived usefulness had been fulfilled. Sean suggests that some cast members have recently discovered that Meghan can reach out when she chooses, but it appears she simply doesn’t want to.

Furthermore, Sean points out that the Suits cast isn’t entirely thrilled with Netflix’s heavy promotion of Meghan as the star of the show.

As Neil Sean concludes his report, it’s clear that the intrigue surrounding Meghan Markle and her Suits legacy continues to captivate audiences, with the drama unfolding in the heart of windy London.

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