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Prince Andrew’s Desperate Plea: How He Begged Sarah Ferguson to Be His ‘Wife’ and Support Him

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Sarah Ferguson, affectionately known as Fergie, has always been loyal to her former husband, Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Though their marriage ended in divorce back in 1996, the bond of friendship and support between the two has only grown stronger over the years as recently reported by GB news.

Now, with Andrew embroiled in controversy over his links to the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, Fergie is standing staunchly by her prince’s side. Sources say the Duchess has moved into Royal Lodge, the home she shares with Andrew, in order to care for him during this difficult period.

“Sarah is acting as Andrew’s emotional rock. She drops everything to be with him whenever he needs her,” confides a palace insider. “Seeing Andrew so distressed has been incredibly hard for Sarah. She would take all his pain away in an instant if she could.”

Andrew was stripped of his royal patronages and military titles last year amid outrage over his friendship with Epstein and a civil sex assault lawsuit. Though he settled the suit out of court, paying millions in the process, the stigma remains.

Now the prince faces further anguish with the recent release of court documents naming over 150 of Epstein’s associates – Andrew among them.

“He is very down about everything going on,” says Charlotte Griffiths, Mail on Sunday royal editor. “Sarah has basically been drafted in to provide wifely support. Even though they’re divorced, she is nonstop in her efforts to prop him up emotionally.”

Since the Epstein revelations, Andrew has become something of a recluse, rarely leaving the sanctuary of Royal Lodge. He did make a brief appearance with the wider royal family at Christmas, accompanied by a protective Sarah. But sources say he hurried back behind closed doors soon after.

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“Andrew has been hiding himself away in his bedroom for much of this past week,” discloses a staff member at Windsor Castle, where Royal Lodge is located. “He refuses to see anyone beyond Sarah and his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie. He finds comfort in Sarah’s company and lets her handle all external communication.”

It seems Andrew has withdrawn into a bubble with Sarah and his daughters – the only people he truly trusts.

“Andrew is in a very dark place emotionally and Sarah is doing all she can to lift his spirits,” explains Griffiths. “She tries to get him outside for fresh air and exercise whenever possible. But most of the time he just wants to hibernate indoors.”

Despite being divorced for over twenty years, Sarah and Andrew have preserved an unusually close friendship. They still live together at Royal Lodge and frequently attend events as a duo.

When scandal first erupted around Andrew’s links to Epstein in 2019, Sarah was one of the few prominent figures who stood up publicly in his defense.

“Sarah has been steadfast in her support of Andrew from day one,” notes Griffiths. “While most royals distanced themselves, she has always backed her man. She accepts his word over the allegations and believes wholeheartedly in his innocence.”

Sources say Sarah has barely left Andrew’s side this past week as he struggles to cope with the latest blows to his reputation.

“Sarah realizes the pain Andrew is going through and wants to absorb some of that herself,” explains the palace insider. “She has always been his greatest champion and that is truer now than ever.”

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With Andrew stripped of royal duties for the foreseeable future, Sarah has taken up the mantle of representing the York name at public events. She frequently steps in when her former husband is unable to fulfill commitments.

“Sarah still sees herself as a member of the royal family despite being divorced,” notes Griffiths. “She is happy to step up and carry the torch for Andrew when duty calls.”

Just last month, the Duchess substituted for Andrew at a charity event held at Windsor Castle in his stead. Sources say she does so gladly, not just as a show of support but also out of a sense of pride in the York legacy.

What the future holds for disgraced Andrew remains unclear. For now, he continues sheltered away from prying eyes, with Sarah as his most stalwart ally.

“Sarah will be by Andrew’s side no matter what,” declares the palace insider. “She is loyal to the end.”

The Duchess may no longer hold the title of wife, but she continues to serve Andrew with a spouse’s selfless devotion. And right now, her prince needs that devotion more than ever.

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