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Prince Harry To SHOCK In New Book: DESTROY Meghan Markle Or PROFIT From Princess Diana

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Prince Harry has begun penning a new book. But insiders reveal that the Duke of Sussex learned his lesson about trashing the royal family after destroying his relationships with his tell-all Spare memoir. And Harry also saw his popularity plummet, even earning second spot on the Most Disliked Celebrities list.

And instead, Harry reportedly could cash in on his relationship with his late mother, Princess Diana. But the Duke of Sussex also might write a tell-all about life with “crazy” Meghan Markle, potentially sparking marriage problems. Get all the details below.

Prince Harry Pens New Tell-All
After trashing the royal family in his tell-all Spare, Prince Harry scored in terms of the memoir’s success. And the Duke of Sussex, 39, penned the best-selling book of 2023 in the UK, per MSN.

However, after his deep dive into what Harry described as his horrible relationship with his father, King Charles, and big brother Prince William, what’s left?

As a result of Harry seeing his popularity plummet (he ranked second only behind Meghan Markle in the Most Disliked Celebrities of 2023 list), the Duke made a new plan. And Harry wants to “soften” the public image of him and his wife in his new book. But to do so, the Duke of Sussex must ensure that he doesn’t seem as “cut throat” as in Spare, warn experts.

And royal guru Christina Garibaldi noted that Harry and Meghan both want to move “forward in a positive direction. As we know, he has a four-book deal. So there will be another one coming. Meghan is working on her philanthropy,” added Christina, dashing rumors that the couple could pen a book together.

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Prince Harry ‘Exhausted’ His ‘Dirty Secrets’
However, the royal expert shared her hope that “the tide shift. And they continue to do work that we want to talk about. We just want to see them doing the good work, their philanthropic work, hear about their charitable projects, maybe not juicy tell-all” books.

And Garibaldi noted, “I’m interested to see what those other books are going to be because we’ve definitely exhausted the sort of ‘spilling the secret, telling my side of the story’ thing. I’d rather be talking about the good work they’re doing, the charities they are supporting rather than the court cases and the dirty secrets.”

As a result, rumors have soared about the four-book contract that Harry and Meghan hold with Penguin publishing company. And speculation revolves around two possibilities. First, some think that the Duke of Sussex could pen a book titled “Life With Meghan.”

Prince Harry To Cover ‘Crazy’ Meghan Markle?
However, if Harry actually includes, as one commentator, noted, all “the crazy things that happens behind closed doors,” he could end up in divorce court. And one critic predicted, “He will never write a book about marriage to Meghan. The reasons are the children, his own sins and a vengeful Meghan. My prediction is that after they’re done together, he’ll go into hiding.”

But many social media commentators predict that Harry will instead write about his late mother Princess Diana. “Because he’s not that dumb that he doesn’t realize how popular she was. Cashing in on his dead mother,” noted one critic.

However, another thought that Harry would aim to right the “wrongs” about his brother William’s relationship with Princess Diana. “We are told William may have passed tissues under the door for his crying mother,” noted the commentator. “But it was Harry who was on the other side of the door hugging her. Or some such ‘memories’ as only Harry knows them.”

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Tell us what you think. Do you predict that Harry will write about life with Meghan or aim to cash in on his memories of his late mother Princess Diana in his next book? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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