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Prince Andrew In Big Trouble As William And Kate Plan to Chase Him Out From Royal Lodge The Reason Will Shock You

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Recently, Prince Andrew was seen at a Christmas church service with King Charles and the rest of the Royal Family. But things have taken a serious turn since then. Some papers from New York have come out with some very troubling information about things Prince Andrew might have done. This has made King Charles very determined that Andrew shouldn’t do any more royal work and needs to leave his home at Royal Lodge.

People who know Prince William and Catherine say they would support the King’s decision to make Andrew leave Royal Lodge. William and Kate have been wanting a bigger home for their family for quite some time now. They had plans in place last year to move Andrew out when he was given another place called Frogmore Cottage, but Andrew said that place was too small for someone like him.

Andrew got Royal Lodge back in 2003 for a long time, about 75 years, and he paid a huge amount of money for it. He used money he got from the Queen’s will to fix up things in the home. But now, it looks like he might have trouble affording to stay there anymore.

It’s not going to be an easy thing for Andrew to leave his home, but the King believes that it’s important for the family and the work they do as royals. Even though the King cares a lot about Andrew, it seems like Andrew might have to find a new place to live away from Royal Lodge.

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