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Cat Found Dumped in Bag With Heartbreaking Note

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In the quiet corners of Barking Park in East London, a one year old black cat named Mila found herself at the center of a heart wrenching tale on Christmas Eve. Abandoned in a carrier bag with a note that simply read, “Hello, I’m Mila. I am one year old turning two on February 17, 2024. My owner is going back to university and won’t be able to take me with her. Take me in and love me like my owner did.

According to The Mirror, the discovery unfolded at approximately 3:45 pm when a family noticed two men leaving a carrier bag on a park bench. Intrigued by the bag’s subtle movements, they approached, only to find Mila inside. The purple and yellow collar with a bell hinted at a once beloved pet, a stark contrast to her now precarious situation.

The accompanying note, with its plea for love and understanding, stirred emotions among those who found her. Mila’s owner, grappling with the challenges of returning to university, faced a heartbreaking decision. The note not only revealed Mila’s age and impending birthday but also served as a poignant plea for someone to continue the love and care she had known.

Animal rescue officer Lee Ricketts, who is investigating Mila’s case, emphasized the fortunate timing of her discovery. As darkness fell on Christmas Eve, the park’s quietness could have led to a different, tragic outcome. Mila could have faced potential dangers from the elements, predators, or hunger. This incident sheds light on the broader issue of pet abandonment, as abandonment reports to the RSPCA reach a three year high.

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The RSPCA’s winter campaign highlights the alarming surge in abandonment reports, reaching 20,995 in 2023 alone more than the combined reports from the previous three years. The escalating cost of living is believed to be a significant factor, forcing pet owners into difficult decisions. As we witness Mila’s plight, the call for action becomes more urgent than ever.

The RSPCA urges the public to join the winter rescue, emphasizing the need for assistance in reaching animals like Mila. Anyone with information about the two men or Mila’s previous owner is urged to contact the RSPCA’s appeals line at 0300 123 8018, quoting reference 01200992. Mila is currently in the care of an RSPCA branch and will soon need a loving home.

The article also points towards new legislation effective from June 10, 2024, making it a legal requirement to microchip pet cats in England after reaching 20 weeks of age. This measure aims to ensure responsible pet ownership and facilitate swift reunions if pets are lost.

In the midst of despair, Mila’s story becomes a catalyst for change, urging society to address the root causes of pet abandonment and work towards a future where no animal is left behind. As we enter 2024, let Mila’s tale serve as a poignant reminder that our actions can shape a compassionate and caring world for our furry companions. The above news have been confirmed by a recently published article on The Mirror.

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