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Meghan Markle’s Terrible Lies Exposed: How She Deceived the World and the Royals

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Many people have said Meghan Markle isn’t truthful and tries to control things. They say she’s not honest about her time with the royal family, how she worked with the writers of a friendly book, or her part in a case against her sister. Meghan married Prince Harry in 2018, but some folks think she’s been lying about what happened afterward.

Meghan said some really surprising things in her talk with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021. She said she didn’t get any support from the royal family and felt really sad during her pregnancy. She mentioned she left home only twice in four months and that she lost important documents like her passport and driver’s license.

But different evidence and people who saw Meghan say something different. They say Meghan wasn’t isolated or trapped; instead, she had a really fancy and privileged life. They saw her going out for dinners, getting beauty treatments, and shopping. She also gave talks about empowering women and fairness and traveled using both private and regular planes.

Also, it’s said Meghan wasn’t truthful about helping with the book “Finding Freedom.” She said she had nothing to do with it and didn’t know the writers or give them any info.

But court papers in her privacy case against the Mail on Sunday showed something else. They showed that Meghan actually asked her communications person to tell the writers about things related to her. She even said she messaged and emailed the writers and shared personal things about her and Harry’s relationship.

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Another lie Meghan told was about her legal case with her sister, Samantha Markle. Meghan said she hadn’t spoken to her sister for a really long time and hardly knew her.

Samantha’s lawyer stepped in and said something different. He went to a court in Florida and mentioned that Harry might need to speak against Meghan. He had proof that Meghan and Samantha talked in 2018, and that Meghan sent her sister a letter and a Christmas card. He also said Meghan wasn’t telling the truth about her sister’s book, saying it wasn’t a scandalous book, but more like a personal story.

These lies upset the royal family a lot. They feel shocked and hurt because they trusted Meghan. It’s made people see Meghan differently, too. Her reputation got damaged, and some folks think she’s not honest and might even act in ways that don’t match what she says.

Meghan hasn’t said sorry for these lies. Instead, she keeps saying she’s the one who’s been hurt and blames the media and the royal family for her problems.

Meghan wanted people to really like her, but these lies changed how people see her. She’s upset her supporters, made her critics mad, and disappointed her fans. She’s caught up in a lot of lies, and she’s the only one to blame.

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