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I’m Going to Do It” Boris Johnson Set for Bombshell Comeback Bid to Replace Sunak

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Speculation is mounting over a potential comeback by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson to replace current PM Rishi Sunak.

According to a report by Express, disgruntled Conservative MPs are said to be plotting ways to oust Sunak and install Johnson back in Number 10.

The schemes against Sunak come as he faces a major crisis over his plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. The proposed legislation is deeply divisive within Tory ranks and Sunak risks a humiliating Commons defeat next week.

Hardline Tory MPs on the right of the party believe Sunak’s Rwanda policy does not go far enough. Meanwhile, moderate Conservatives have raised concerns over the bill contravening international law.

Sunak is walking a political tightrope and there is growing anxiety within the party over his leadership.

Sensing vulnerability, Johnson loyalists are touting his return. Johnson was forced out as Prime Minister in July 2022 after a series of scandals, but he still retains significant support amongst Tory members. Some MPs believe he is the only figure who can prevent the party from electoral wipeout.

There has even been wild speculation about Johnson teaming up with Reform UK leader Nigel Farage ahead of the next election. The eurosceptic duo would likely push a hardline agenda on Brexit, immigration and tax cuts in an attempt to win over disaffected Tory voters.

However, any Johnson comeback would be extremely divisive. Whilst he is popular with the Conservative grassroots, he is despised by many Tory MPs. There would likely be a wave of resignations from moderate Conservatives unwilling to serve under Johnson again.

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Rishi Sunak has urged unity, saying the Conservatives must “come together or die”. But rebellious MPs are plotting an “advent calendar of s***” to destabilise him in the pre-Christmas period.

Former Cabinet minister Damian Green slammed the schemers as “mad and malicious” and insisted Sunak is the best leader to take the Tories into the next election.

But the Prime Minister has struggled to assert his authority since entering Number 10 and the discontent has left him vulnerable to a leadership challenge. The plotting vividly recalls the last days of Theresa May’s doomed premiership.

Sunak is adamant on seeing through his Rwanda policy despite the fierce opposition. The crunch Commons vote next Tuesday could have profound implications for his leadership. Defeat would be a body blow and may spark a leadership contest.

The Conservative infighting will alarm the party’s electoral prospects. Labour currently holds commanding poll leads and leader Keir Starmer is set to paint the Tories as hopelessly divided.

As the government descends into chaos, the potential return of a past leader once again looms large over British politics. Boris Johnson remains the great disrupter and Tory MPs may yet gamble on his proven vote-winning abilities to save them from election oblivion.

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