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Royal Conflict: Reasons Why Meghan Markle Fight And Dislike Kate Middleton Reveals

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Princess Kate and Meghan Markle’s relationship has been strained for years, largely due to the ongoing rift between Prince William and Prince Harry, according to royal expert Omid Scobie.

According to a report by Express, in his new book ‘Endgame’, Scobie claims that Meghan and Kate “almost never had a chance to get close” because of the tensions between their husbands. Even in the early days after Harry and Meghan’s relationship began, William and Harry were not on good terms. This prevented Kate and Meghan from developing a meaningful friendship.

Scobie states that the Palace was well aware of the differences between Kate and Meghan. However, they still hoped the women would find common ground and mutual respect. Initially, this seemed possible. Kate made an effort to welcome Meghan, inviting her for tea and providing advice on royal protocol. Meghan also admired Kate’s humanitarian work and balancing motherhood with royal duties.

But their relationship never progressed beyond superficial politeness. A former staff member of Kate’s noted that she can be quite cold to people she doesn’t like. According to sources, Kate spent more time gossiping about Meghan than getting to know her. The rift between the two couples only widened after Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018.

Various incidents over bridesmaid dresses and staff treatment led to tensions spilling into the public eye. By late 2019, Kate and Meghan had almost no direct communication. Sources say Kate even shivers jokingly at the mention of Meghan’s name now.

Harry provides more context in his memoir ‘Spare’. He claims William immediately disliked Meghan when they first met, making a crude joke about Harry’s relationship. Kate was not present at that initial 2016 meeting.

Harry also alleges Kate lost her temper with Meghan shortly before the 2018 wedding over Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress. Meghan firmly told Kate that the tailor had been waiting to make alterations. This confrontation likely damaged relations between the two women.

In the Oprah interview, Meghan disputed reports that she made Kate cry. She stated “the reverse happened” but Kate apologized and she forgave her. Scobie claims in ‘Endgame’ that Kate has privately admitted she was the one crying. However, the damage to their bond was already done.

Scobie believes Kate was never interested in befriending Meghan. As an established future queen, she likely saw the actress as an outsider trying to shake up the monarchy. Meghan hoped Kate would provide guidance but found her cold and unsupportive.

Now with Harry and Meghan resigned from royal duties, there is little chance of reconciliation. Kate feels the couple betrayed the family’s trust through interviews and leaks. She is said to be done with Harry and Meghan, despite good memories from years past.

The relationship between Kate and Meghan has been strained from the very beginning. With Harry and William locked in a feud, their wives were unable to connect on a personal level. Meghan’s hopes for a close friendship with Kate went unfulfilled. Recent events have only driven the couples further apart. It seems the “Fab Four” dynamic will never be restored.

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