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Rich Guy Lost a Bet And Had to Sleep with an old Homeless Woman. What Happened Next Left Him In Shock

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“This rich guy lost a bet and had to sleep with an old homeless woman. But what happened when she took off her wig will shock you. Leo was the kind of guy every fun-loving person would love to be with. He was always the life and the soul of any party he attended. He was free-spirited and he loved to take risks, no matter how crazy they were. Whenever his friends were with him, they would cast their worries aside and just go wild. Leo always had that effect on everyone.

Whenever Leo’s friends were having a party, perhaps a birthday or a bachelor party, they always made sure they invited him. He had a way of taking any party from a zero to 100 real quick. So when Andre, Leo’s childhood friend, was celebrating his 30th Earth Day party, he invited the fun-loving man. After about an hour into the party, Leo came up with a dare, wearing a proud smile.

He told his friends that the next girl that would come into the party would walk over to him and ask for a dance. Actually, since the party began, about 5 girls had already walked over to Leo requesting a dance, but he turned them down because he was still busy chugging his bottles of beer. And now that he was Tipsy, it was time to……Read Full Story Here……….

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