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Dying little boy sat Up And Said Four Words, Then He Closed His Eyes Forever leaving Them in Tears

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Nolan Scully was only four years old when he died. He had been seriously ill, and doctors weren’t able to do anything more for him. But before he slipped away, he wanted to tell his mom something, and his poignant last words were nothing short of heartbreaking.

Back in November 2015, Ruth and Jonathan Scully from Leonardtown, Maryland received news that virtually any mother or father would dread. In short, their four-year-old son Nolan was given a terrifying diagnosis – he had a rare form of cancer. Nolan’s cancer, known as rhabdomyosarcoma, was affecting the soft tissue in his body.

Doctors therefore told his parents that the boy needed to start a tough regime of treatment to fight the disease. This routine would include a 43-week schedule of grueling chemotherapy sessions, as well as five and a half weeks of radiotherapy.

The first round of chemo, moreover, was very rough on Nolan’s little body, as his parents wrote on the GoFundMe page they set up to help pay for the treatment. Nolan’s mom and dad also described watching their son’s suffering as the hardest thing in the world. While Nolan kept fighting throughout the treatment, the cancer was….Read Full Story Here……..

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