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Meghan Markle’s ‘delusional’ plan to be a ‘new Diana’ and ‘destroy’ Kate backfires

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Meghan Markle has been criticized by a royal commentator for trying to emulate Princess Diana and tarnish the image of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Amanda Platell, a columnist for the Daily Mail, accused Meghan of being a “Diana’s cardboard cut-out” and said that her attempts to “smear” Kate have backfired and made the public love and respect Kate more.

According to a report by Express, Platell’s comments came after the release of Endgame, a new book by Omid Scobie, a journalist who is widely regarded as Meghan’s friend and supporter. The book, which claims to be an “investigation” into the current state of the British monarchy, makes several controversial allegations, such as Prince Charles being jealous of Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II having a secret Instagram account, and the royal family being racist and hostile towards Meghan.

Platell said that the book is a “hatchet job” on the royal family and that it is part of Meghan’s “delusional” plan to become a “new Diana”. She said that Meghan has tried to copy Diana’s style, gestures, and causes, but has failed to capture her genuine charisma, warmth, and compassion. She said that Meghan is nothing more than a “cardboard cut-out” of Diana, who lacks her substance and authenticity.

Platell also said that Meghan has tried to “smear” Kate, who is widely admired and respected as the future queen consort. She said that Meghan has tried to portray Kate as a “cold, calculating, and cruel” rival, who has snubbed and bullied her. She cited examples from Scobie’s book, such as Kate allegedly ignoring Meghan at the Commonwealth Day service in 2020, Kate allegedly making Meghan cry over a bridesmaid dress fitting, and Kate allegedly being “encouraged” by the palace to dress like Diana to win public approval.

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Platell said that these claims are “nonsense” and that they have only backfired on Meghan and made Kate more popular and beloved. She said that Kate has shown grace, dignity, and loyalty in the face of Meghan’s attacks and that she has proven herself to be a true asset to the monarchy and the nation. She said that Kate has also shown genuine empathy and kindness to the people, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, and that she has been a role model for women and girls.

Platell concluded by saying that Meghan’s dream of being a “new Diana” is a “fantasy” and that she is “nothing better than a Diana wannabe”. She said that Meghan should stop trying to “destroy” the royal family and focus on her own life in America. She said that Meghan should also stop trying to “diminish” Kate, who is the “real deal” and who will one day be the queen.

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