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Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy Sparks Outrage: Explosive Moonbump Videos and ‘Endgame’ Book Frenzy – The Shocking Scandal Unveiled!”

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In a twist of events straight from a Hollywood script, Meghan Markle’s pregnancy controversies have once again ignited; this time, sparked by a new book from royal correspondent and biographer Omid Scobie. The ‘Endgame’ mention of the Duchess’s pregnancy journey has led to the resurfacing of videos that stirred up much debate a few years ago.

In the heart of the book, Omid Scobie opens a Pandora’s Box of Meghan’s storms when she was expecting her first child, Archie. Scobie recounts the social media firestorm the ‘Finding Freedom’ author faced, as she was accused of faking her pregnancy. He cites a now-notorious YouTube channel that shared conspiracy theories about the purported ‘moonbump’. The channel even encouraged lively discussions among its viewers, with some daring to try and ‘pop’ Duchess Meghan’s alleged moonbump.

Living in fear was the daily reality for Markle, according to one of her most senior staff members. She was not only concerned for her own wellbeing, but also for that of her unborn child. The staffer poignantly stated to Scobie, ‘You can’t expect anyone to live like that.’ It underlines the emotionally charged atmosphere in Markle’s pregnant months.

Despite the fears and accusations, some brave netizens stood in Markle’s defense. One observant follower compared her ‘moonbump’ to that of Kate Middleton, pointing out that both royal ladies have mastered the trick to the infamous ‘close-leg squat’, even while heavily pregnant. Another emphasized the absurdity of the arguments against the Duchess’s authenticity of her pregnancy, insisting the video showcased her belly in its full glory.

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However, everyone has their theories. One person believed she was indeed pregnant but professed that Markle might have amplified her bump with inflatable prosthetics for reasons known only to her.

Outside the arena of public opinion, professional insights suggest a different narrative altogether. According to fitness guru Amanda DeGrace, specialized in pre-and postnatal wellness, most pregnant women can safely and even beneficially incorporate squats into their routines. Squats can help fortify pelvic floor muscles, enhance hip mobility, and prepare the body for labor. The move is not merely a fitness trick; it’s an actual birthing position, adds Carrie Pagliano, a physical therapist..

As the discussion fires up again around these resurfaced videos, one thing is clear – the pageantry of royal pregnancies is anything but boring. But, like a Hollywood film, the endgame for Meghan Markle was the beautiful baby Archie.

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