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Endgame or End of the Road? How Omid Scobie’s New Book Damaged Harry and Meghan’s Reputation

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Omid Scobie’s new book Endgame, an explosive tell-all about the British royal family, has been met with scathing reviews since its release this week. Critics have denounced the book as biased propaganda that adds little new insight into the royals.

According to a report by Express, the book, billed as an “investigation” into the monarchy, paints an unflattering portrait of King Charles as an unpopular and out-of-touch monarch. It also alleges bitter feuds between Charles and his son William over the future of the institution.

Reviewers have pointed out the stark contrast between the harsh light cast on most royals and the consistently favorable coverage given to Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, who cooperated with Scobie on his previous book Finding Freedom.

Anita Singh, arts editor at The Telegraph, gave Endgame just two stars out of five. She blasted the book as “laughably partial” and said it reads like “a Mumsnet post about the world’s worst in-laws.” Singh added that while Scobie claims he’s not a “mouthpiece” for Harry and Meghan, his partisan portrayal suggests otherwise.

The Times was equally critical, calling the book “not so much an incisive look at why the monarchy is doomed, more a mishmash of ancient history.” The New York Times said Endgame “reads like a press release” for the Sussexes and does little to reveal their humanity.

Radio producer Eva Wolchover said much of Endgame focuses on “setting the record straight” for Harry and Meghan. She described Scobie’s dire forecasts about the monarchy’s future as “hyperbolic.”

Several reviewers noted the irony of a book alleging damaging leaks and privacy breaches containing private conversations seemingly leaked by unnamed sources. They accused Scobie of employing the same malign tactics he condemns in others.

While Scobie insists he did not interview the Sussexes for this book, critics point to its overwhelmingly pro-Sussex tilt. They say the author seems too eager to defend Harry and Meghan while denigrating other royals.

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Scobie does share some new gossip, like claiming William had an affair with an aristocrat. But reviewers found these tidbits insufficient to justify the book’s sensationalism about the monarchy’s supposedly imminent downfall.

In the Evening Standard, Robbie Griffiths sat down with Scobie and confronted him about being branded as Meghan’s mouthpiece. Scobie insisted he is not her friend, though they share mutual friends

Scobie criticized Harry’s environmentalism, saying he would tell the prince not to use private jets. He claimed palace aides once offered to divert media from William’s alleged affair if Scobie gave them excerpts from Finding Freedom.

While Scobie argues the monarchy must modernize to survive, critics say his book offers little constructive criticism. The Telegraph described it as “an utterly one-sided affair” intent on denigrating the royals.

The Evening Standard was even more scathing, calling Endgame “an absolute turkey” and “an embarrassment” to Harry and Meghan. It said Scobie’s writing skills were so poor that he “can’t write for nuts.”

Other reviewers noted the irony of Scobie accusing palace courtiers of damaging leaks when his own book is reliant on unsourced gossip. They say Endgame fails to deliver on promised revelations and damages Scobie’s credibility.

Omid Scobie’s new exposé on the royals has been met with widespread ridicule and condemnation. Critics say it presents an absurdly biased narrative intent on glorifying Harry and Meghan while disparaging other royals. Despite hints of scandal, it breaks little new ground and fails to provide meaningful analysis.

Rather than delivering a nuanced takedown of the monarchy, reviewers conclude Endgame is simply petty score-settling by the author. They say Scobie damages his reputation and credibility by producing a book that does little beyond serving as pro-Sussex propaganda.

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