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How Meghan Markle Insulted the Queen and Broke Protocol on Her First Christmas with the Royals

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Meghan Markle caused quite a stir at the Royal Family’s traditional Christmas dinner in 2017. As Prince Harry’s fiancée, it was Meghan’s first time attending this formal event. While the other royals followed strict protocol, Meghan wasn’t afraid to break tradition.

As reported by Express One major faux pas occurred when Meghan arrived at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate. She broke protocol by showing up with Harry in a casual outfit. Royal tradition dictates that attendees must dress formally when meeting the Queen on Christmas. Meghan’s laidback jeans and boots were seen as disrespectful.

Once inside, Meghan continued bending the rules. She gave the Queen a singing toy hamster as a gift. Royal insiders called this present “cheap and tacky.” More acceptable options would have been fine jewelry or a donation to one of the Queen’s charities. Meghan clearly didn’t understand proper gift etiquette.

At dinner, Meghan diverged from tradition again. The royals follow precise seating arrangements based on rank and lineage. As an unmarried partner, Meghan should have been seated far from the Queen. Instead, she sat close to Her Majesty. This bold move was considered presumptuous by some.

Meghan also didn’t follow the customary eating habits. At royal dinners, people don’t start eating until the monarch takes the first bite. But Meghan began digging in right away, not waiting for the Queen’s cue. She also placed her napkin on her lap instead of leaving it on the table. These small breaches in etiquette raised eyebrows.

After the meal, Meghan broke protocol again by leaving as soon as dinner finished. Royals are expected to remain with the Queen for cocktails after dinner. By exiting early, Meghan came across as rude and dismissive.

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Overall, Meghan’s lack of deference at this formal Christmas gathering caused problems. Royal insiders called her behavior insulting and self-centered. They felt her casual California attitude showed disrespect for long-held traditions.

Meghan also ignored advice from palace aides. They tried preparing her beforehand on proper protocol. But Meghan felt the antiquated rules didn’t apply to her. This refusal to follow guidance made royals question if she was fit for royal life.

In the aftermath, Meghan faced heavy criticism. But she stood her ground, insisting the monarchy needed to modernize. As an American actress, she wasn’t raised with the same customs. Meghan felt comfortable being herself, even if it challenged the norm.

While Meghan’s boldness caused a stir, it highlighted the tension between her and the royal family. Her desire to buck tradition would continue to ruffle feathers after she married Harry. But many appreciated Meghan’s confidence to stay true to herself, despite the backlash.

In the end, Meghan’s unusual behavior at Christmas gave a glimpse of the seismic shifts she would bring to the monarchy. She had no intention of conforming to their restrictive rules. Meghan was determined to be a change agent from within the institution. Her Christmas dinner blunders were an early sign of the dramatic reforms on the horizon.

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